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Voters Guide

(I could not in good faith vote for ANY Democrat, look at their party platform, either they are liars to the party faithful, or they are lying to the voters, I can’t support  liars, and I can’t support an agenda that undermines and destroys the foundation of individual rights and liberty)


Draft Allen West to run in 2012!  http://www.allenwestforpresident.us/

Washington State:

Senate:  TBD, NOT Maria Cantwell, one of the founders of the super progressive Apollo Alliance.

US House:  Republicans (REAL Tea Party if possible), Jesse Young, James Watkins, et. al.

Supreme Court: TBA

Initiatives:  (past election, comming issues TBD).

NO on 1098, this is the road to serfdom; see the blog post on why income tax is wrong.

Yes on 1053, we need to ensure an overwhelming majority of representatives agree before we raise taxes, this is the kind of limited government we need to protect the individual rights the taxpayers.

Yes on 1100 and 1105. The anti-privatization claims are all lies.  There is no need for the Government to control a monopoly on liquor sales, in fact it is a conflict of interest.  The government should be in enforcement, and it never does well on self enforcement in anything.  The claims of safety are lies, there is not correlation to safety from state only stores to states with private sales.  In fact some of the states with the biggest problems like VT also have state only stores.  The state only system only protects a bloated government and jobs for over compensated state workers that frankly the taxpayer cannot afford.  Free the taxpayer of this albatross.

Yes on 1082, There is no advantage to monopolies, except when it comes to the Department of Defense, and even there we have competing branches!  By keeping the state as a monopoly on worker disability insurance drives up cost and drives down innovation.  Not to mention greedy political elites will ever be tempted to rob funds to pay for other projects…

Yes on 1107, the legislator decided to pass targeted taxes based on their nanny state objectives to control us.  Personally I don’t need to be told how much sugar I should or should not have and be taxed because I pick sugar based drink or candy over other choices.  Not to mention the ridiculous tax on water.  This is an example of government gone too far, push them back.

No on Referendum 52 – This is a sneaky way to raise your taxes

No on Referendum 8225– This prevents the out of control raising of state debt, we know we can’t trust politicians to control spending if we start giving them blank checks!

Yes on Referendum 4220 – This allows denial of bail in some cases and would have likely prevented the release of the violent cop killer last year.  Denial of bail is reasonable in some cases.

Kitsap County: (Past election, coming TBA)

Commissioner:  Chris Tibbs  http://christibbs.com/

Prosecutor:  Bruce Danielson

NO on lifting the lid for libraries:  The request brings the library property tax to near the maximum limit.  With out this lid lift the rate of increase would go up near that of inflation without voter action.  We are cutting much more vital services, property owners are largely upside down on their mortgages, we recently passed massive increases in School taxes and Fire/Rescue taxes.  We can not keep raising taxes at rates higher that average rates of income growth!  We literally can not afford it.  Ask if a library really needs a system of forced taxation via property owners?  Can they not raise funds via other means?   I say yes they can.  How about those that want to vote yes each donate to the libraries!

Local – South Kitsap:

State Senate 26th LD:  Marty McClendon

State House 26th LD: Jan Angel, Doug Richards


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