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Fighting for the smallest minority: The Individual

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The Good

This list is compiled for listing those fighting for Individual, God given rights as expressed as the reason for the foundation of the United States.  This does not mean any of these people or organizations are perfect or correct all the time, but rather that they are more often on the right side than not.  This list is growing, check back often.


Freedom Works – http://www.freedomworks.org/

Heritage Foundation – http://www.heritage.org/

Liberty Central – http://www.libertycentral.org/>

Media Research Center – http://www.mrc.org/public/default.aspx

 Senate Conservatives Fund – http://senateconservatives.com/site/

Gun Owners of America – http://gunowners.org/

Second Amendment Foundation – http://www.saf.org/

Oath Keepers – http://oathkeepers.org/oath/

Washington State:

Evergreen Freedom Foundation – http://www.effwa.org/main/page.php

Disclaimer:  These are not all inclusive, and I place these in various categories based on observations and information that I have reviewed.  It is based upon my informed opinion, and there is some subjectivity to the selection.  I’m happy to get feedback or comment on my calls, and I’ll be happy to elaborate where needed, and even be corrected when needed.


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