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Fighting for the smallest minority: The Individual

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The Bad

The people on this list do not believe in the concept of individual God given rights.  These people or organizations exist to re-write history and undermine the principles that have made the United States the most successful, most rapidly rising nation in all history.  These people or organizations exist for their own pursuit of power only, and will say and do anything to retain or expand that power.  Note: When I mention unions, it is the union BOSSES that lead those organizations.  I realize many members are members not by choice, and many workers are good and decent people only looking to provide for their families by hard honest work. This list is growing, check back often.


Democrat Party (Sorry, infiltration is complete here, look at the platforms at any level)


Tides Foundation

Center for American Progress

Media Matters for America

Planned Parenthood

NOW (National Organization for Women) –

(actually endorsed a MAN who called a woman a whore for CA governor, defended abuser Clinton, and was silent as sexist attacks were made on Sarah Palin!)


Veterans for Common Sense

Communist Party USA

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force

American Constitution Society for Law and Policy  <http://www.acslaw.org/>

(They actually think the Constitutions meaning is subject to change by changing the definitions of language and interpretation!  No amendment needed apparently, original intent is of no concern to these progressives).

Jobs with Justice Education Fund < http://www.jwj.org/campaigns.html>

(These guys are basically promoting “workers of the world unite” progressive you know, like worldwide communist tyranny – not my view of liberty!)

Unions (almost all unions, but these are to big players):

(SEIU) Service Employees International Union

United Steel Workers


United Auto Workers

Disclaimer:  These are not all inclusive, and I place these in various categories based on observations and information that I have reviewed.  It is based upon my informed opinion, and there is some subjectivity to the selection.  I’m happy to get feedback or comment on my calls, and I’ll be happy to elaborate where needed, and even be corrected when needed.


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