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Posted by mrfixit on February 26, 2012

And this is not new, but the Media ignores… Why?

Creeping Sharia

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Posted by mrfixit on February 23, 2012

If you start a racist organization, would that make you a racist? Well, Obama did just that! Media is silent, even Fox…. Why?

Mark America

This should be a Saturday Night Live skit.  Here we have the President of the United States making a purely race-based appeal to African-Americans in support of his campaign.  The whole notion of identity politics is bad enough, but to see that he’s actually launched this in order to support his campaign speaks to a sort of twisted sickness that is the root of our national problem:  This video is divisive by virtue of its very existence.  The sad part is that with a liberal media backing him, nobody will question this.  I can’t believe the United States has fallen to the point where somebody like Barack Obama can make this sort of appeal and nobody will even remark on the underlying sick nature of his proposition.  African-Americans should vote for him because he’s African-American.  That’s the message. Watch:

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Posted by mrfixit on February 23, 2012

I could not say it better, so I will re-blog it here!

Mark America

One of the more annoying themes to begin in earnest during the rise of Rick Santorum has been the idea that cultural or religious conservatives should shut up and go hide in the big tent’s closet.  For those of who think of themselves as moderates, and may look with disdain on cultural conservatives, I have a message from the back, and moderates just might want to pay attention:  The Republicans did not win in 2008 without cultural conservatives, and if you want to know who stayed home, making it more critical than ever that McCain capture more moderates and independents, let me give you just a hint:   It was the cultural conservatives who moderates don’t like, but without them, Republicans cannot win the Presidency.  More than just pat them on their heads, and placating them before banishing them to the periphery of the so-called “big tent,” moderates had better…

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Posted by mrfixit on February 21, 2012

Do as they say, not as they do. The arrogance is over the top!

Mark America

Forgive me if I seem upset.  I know the job of President can be stressful and taxing(and with this clown, taxing in more ways than one,) but I must ask about the tally of the Obama family vacations.  I will grant you that in the entirety of my adult life(I’m now 46,) if I include even the three-day honeymoon I took with my wife, I can come up with exactly six vacations, totaling 46 days, thus making me atypical, but sixteen in three years?  That’s living pretty well on our dime, if you ask me.  What is particularly irksome to me is that in many of these cases, the President isn’t present, so we’re paying for security for three-fourths of the first family, plus friends, relatives, and all the rest with a frequency that has become obnoxious.  Michelle Antoinette ought to give it a rest, because while I don’t…

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Posted by mrfixit on February 20, 2012

Hard to argue this analysis… Think about this as you go off to vote.

Mark America

Romney is looking weak in Michigan.  Rush Limbaugh opened his show on President’s Day with a monologue on the GOP panic over the rise of Rick Santorum and the diminution of the “inevitable nominee” Mitt Romney.  What Limbaugh has identified is a trend we’ve been watching for some time, whereby the GOP insiders are doing everything they can to put Romney over the top.  It’s true to say that Romney is in trouble, but he’s clawing his way back a bit in Michigan, as the media continues to hammer on Rick Santorum, suggesting that he’s too conservative.  It’s not clear that Rick Santorum is really so conservative as they pretend, and it shows the problem the establishment has with its man Mitt:  While they try to convince us that Romney is conservative, they detest cultural conservatism.

The juxtaposition is laughable.  On the one hand, the GOP establishment tells us Mitt…

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Posted by mrfixit on January 25, 2012

Look past the label and marketing to find out what is really going on, like this…

Mark America

Many people wonder why Mitt Romney isn’t taken seriously by conservatives, when he claims to be one of us, but when one examines what Romney’s advisers are saying, it’s clear when listening to former Senator Norm Coleman, one of his campaign flacks, that there is actually no desire to repeal Obama-Care.  Think Progress, a truly leftist group, reporting on an interview with Coleman, and what the article demonstrates is not merely that there’s no real appetite for repealing Obama-care, but also that as I warned you, there’s no notion of taking the Senate, because everything said is in the context of a Romney presidency, and a static Congress.

You will not repeal the act in its entirety, but you will see major changes, particularly if there is a Republican president,” Coleman told BioCentury This Week television in interview that aired on Sunday. “You can’t whole-cloth throw…

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Why a Medical Evacuation (MEDEVAC) from the world’s most advanced and modern, well equipped warship (USS Ronald Reagan, CVN -76), when it has complete on board medical facilities and staff?

Posted by mrfixit on January 20, 2012

The news reported very little detail, and to this day it is absent on any search.  Why?

Why did NO ONE ASK the question posed above?

Want to know, then read on!

Here is the story:


(check for yourself, of MANY different stories, they will all read almost IDENTICAL to this one! – Search for “Ronald Reagan medevac Seattle”…)

A super carrier has a full medical facility and staff to do just about anything, so why the need to call the Coast Guard to fly a sailor off the ship (MEDEVAC) (with the additional risks and of course costs)?  There must be something to this story, but NO ONE apparently dares ask or report….

Why no details on what happened?  A horrible accident or something very serious…  I’d expect some questions because it must have been a big deal, so the mere concern for the safety and well-being of the injured sailor would seem to beg for such questions and answers…

It is likely will never see it reported in the media.  There will likely never be a follow-up at all on this story.

There is likely a political reason for the cover up, and that is what this appears to be, so what is the medical condition that required an evacuation off the USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) on 10 January 2012…

The injured happened to be a young female sailor (age 22, typically an E4) who was pregnant with a hemorrhage; a condition that can be deadly and which requires immediate medical care by very specialized surgeons. (It will likely to be diagnosed as an Ectopic Pregnancy (sometimes called Tubal Pregnancy).


I know the political powers that be would NOT want this story to be told, even when there is no personally identifiable information to track back to the actual sailor involved, no names have been reported but this ship has a crew of about 3000 without an air wing embarked!  It can’t be that hard for the media to find out what happened!

If it was just about ANY other medical condition, we’d likely know.  Those medical conditions would be reported (especially if a MEDEVAC was involved, however that likely would not have happened at all on this ship, since they would have been treated onboard with complete facilities and staff!)  These types of details about injuries/illness are virtually are always included in such news reports, because it is normal to ask such questions, out of natural concerns for the injured.

To PROVE this point, here is an official Navy story with a fair amount of detail on medical conditions and status for a MEDEVAC involving this same ship!  (Ironically this one to the ship, not off and away, also demonstrating the extensive medical capabilities on board!)


And here is one with injury mentioned, and drastic actions needed for a submarine sailor:


And this from the Navy News Service, with medical details all over the place:


And one more, this with extensive mention of injuries in the USS San Francisco collision (and some goofy conspiracy theories that are entertaining!):


Let me suggest a possible explanation for the absence of information in the news:  This is EXACTLY the medical concern unique to women serving in the Navy that many have suggested makes it very dangerous to have mixed gender crews on deployments.

To illustrate the legitimacy of such concerns by reporting such an example from a super carrier provides a very dramatic obstacle to the political agenda, and it could clearly harm continued efforts to integrate in other areas.  This agenda is pushed with such reckless abandon, it may well result in very preventable deaths (to say nothing about the costs and readiness issues here as well)!

Then how many other problems have been covered up like this one?  It is reasonable that this is the ONLY one time this has happened?

What other issues are covered up?

See an earlier post on that:


2 out of every 100 (2%) (source: mayo clinic, linked above) of all pregnancies are Ectopic, so this, most likely has happened before (and will happen again, even when it is 100% preventable!), but you still won’t hear about it in the news, covered up just like it was here!

It was very fortunate that when this happened, the ship happened to be near a major US city with speedy access to such very specialized medical care, care that may well save her life.  What if this happened while the ship was off the coast of a barren third world country where such carriers are very often deployed, or even worse if it were on a Submarine at sea anywhere?  She could have died before proper care could have been provided!

When pushing this agenda many such risks have been consistently ignored.  That is a real shame and it should not be permitted, but it happens because we seem to permit censoring of the truth, preferring to hold to the party line and PC, and thus we set up people to take real risks while often they are left completely unaware they are taking such risks…

I would ask proponents of mixed gender crews, and those that would willingly continue to censor these incidents… How would you feel if this woman was a family member who was not near Seattle, but rather perished in absence of such advanced medical care?  Do you really think the Navy needs to add such specialized medical care and its associated costs to ALL ships with mixed crews?  (If that were really even possible on a Submarine they normally do not even have a full doctor aboard!)

Would advocates of mixed gender crews still be willing to accept such risks if it had led to the death of a family member or friend? – Not likely, but even with that it is not expected that many will change any deeply indoctrinated opinions, since this agenda has been deeply impressed upon people in our current culture from a very young age.

I can see it now, they will say Men can die of all kinds of medical issues, and yes that is true and it does happen, but the circumstances of this one ARE 100% preventable, and that makes it different!

Ironically many of these same people who would advocate for what becomes gender inequality in the name of equality, they would be for enacting gall kinds of restrictions based upon isolated and even very rare events, such as rules and laws pushed “to save even one life”, but they’ll dismiss that same concern when applied here in a situation like this!  It goes against their agenda; they think it is vital to mix crews for gender equality.  The harsh reality aside that men and women are in fact different escapes many, that is not to saying they should be unequal before the law, but to say they are uniquely equipped with capabilities and aptitudes that are never going to be equal generally to make men and women equal in all areas (there happen to be some physical differences, even the standards demonstrate this reality).

This is not to be a comment against women serving (this incident could only can happen with a responsible MALE involved somewhere, so one could just as easy attempt label it anti-male…), but one should realize that the mixed gender crew model, while at sea carries such additional risks, costs and it is AN entirely avoidable model, even though I don’t anticipate it will be changed any time soon…

All the efforts to recruit women, and it is only 15%, and they have very high attrition.  Is it worth the costs, and risks?  That is a question we are not to ask, it is not PC, costs be damned, and we have almost $16Trillion in debt and massive defense cuts ahead!

Efforts to conceal the truth, lead to bad results.  Ignoring the truth is not a victimless choice to make – there will be many victims from such choices, history is riddled with examples, and it is not a pattern that is new or even unique to this story.

See previous comments about women on submarines:


And about the Agenda:


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Anti-Religion Video gets over 11 Million views in about 4 Days…Why?

Posted by mrfixit on January 15, 2012

Some of what he says is correct; some is slanted and biased by his own worldview…


There is some good message in this, but some bad as well.  Ironically while besmirching false prophets, this guy is doing a bit of this as well.  There is a quote in the blaze that sums this up pretty well:

“It’s cool to be pissed at “religion” when you’re 20. I get it (though I can’t say I ever went through this phase). And then, as you age, you realize something: Religion is simply the social and psychological framework by which human beings organize their experience of the Divine…And it’s not bad that we do this. It is, Mr. Bethke, inevitable.”

The danger in a blanket anti-religion piece is it gives justification to many to go it alone and be SELF justified on their own terms, of course ignoring the LAW part of God’s word.  This too is dangerous, as is those that attempt to use the LAW only, or to proclaim self-righteous status by membership in an organization of any kind.

Then I might wonder, if Jesus so HATED “Religion”, then why he did PERFECTLY follow the LAW in the Old Testament of the Bible…

Where this guy is likely ticked off at “Religion” is that far too many “believers” are real hypocrites.  OK, that is and always will be and always has been, but that does not mean an organization based on faith is totally corrupt and useless either.

I also take issue with the “Religion” starting wars mantra.  When religion is corrupted by man to further pursuit of political power, it is bad, but that is not typically the Religion, that is sinful Man’s corruption that exists with or without so called “religion”.  (The exception to this might be Islam, which DOES advocate for violent aggressive actions against infidels, it is also a political system).

This kind of attitude is in itself missing a larger context, I would agree if your “religion” is setting its own rules and strained interpretations of the scriptures, then it may well be too far gone to salvage, but that is not always the case.

It is most important to have a personal sincere relationship with God, and that means Jesus for a Christian, the organization of a good church is to assist that INDIVIDUAL effort, not substitute for it.

It is true you can’t earn it, you don’t deserve it, it is Grace and Christ’s sacrifice in our place which saves us, but from this faith we produce good works, and a good church may well be one such result from this faith…

Faith without resulting “fruits” of that faith is dead.  Just as good works without faith is not a road to salvation.

I guess I could just say it is far too complex to ever fit in a 4 minute YouTube Video!  It takes an ongoing lifelong effort to even try to appreciate and understand the depths of God’s love that he’d save us sinners by sacrificing his perfect son.  This is truly beyond human comprehension!

So to answer the question: This is popular because sinners have corrupted even many churches, and as such driven people away!  Then there is some real truth and meaning in the message.  Add the ever present rebellion of authority of the younger generation, and some original sin (attempting to have the knowledge of God) and you have a YouTube hit!  (And there is marketing associated with this YouTube video, so what is that all about?)

I long ago noted that ALL have a religion of sorts, because all believe in something!  Even the Atheist.  It is not the faith that is at fault, it is what people will do to others in selfish pursuit of power that is the problem, and that is why we say “sinful” man!

Here is an earlier post on that:


MORE: Add to my thoughts this story about people not getting positive benefit from Church and it further makes my concern more relevent:


Ironically this effort was foretold, in the Bible!  So, to a believer they should have reason to strengthen their faith.

I’ll add a bit more in another post when I get a chance, because recently I did some study on one of he big Church organizations and found some things in there that might better explain why church is not working for many.  They may well be at a church that is not teaching God’s laws, but rather the political and cultural popular themes of the day, and when this is done, it is expected they will not have a meaningful experience in such Churches, think Jeremiah Wright and his anti-American, racist rants in a so call Church, and that is not an isolated case.


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Luxury Ship Catastrophe: A Tragedy with more lessons to learn than just Safety at Sea.

Posted by mrfixit on January 15, 2012

In this story there is much you should note, not only about the very real and continued risks in life, that no matter how sophisticated and technologically advanced Mankind thinks he has become, the dangers of the world continue to be ever-present.

We ignore risks at our own peril.  (I’m not saying the passengers were responsible, they are clearly VICTIMS here).

Further when we assume others will take care of all things for us and live ignorantly blissful of risks, we then open ourselves up to greater risk and peril.

When we as a society think we can have ever-increasing abundance, with ever decreasing creation of value by living on massive debt, we then also fool ourselves and we are like passengers on a ship in extreme danger with our elected leaders telling us it is only a minor glitch that is all under control… but it is NOT and they KNOW it.

In this story you’ll see all of this.  A ship that is in grave danger, an announcement to keep the masses calm-an announcement that was clearly a lie.

You’ll see a crew member that knew of the danger, wearing his life jacket, but then refusing to warn others (likely on orders from the Captain or other crew leaders).

Then you’ll see the disaster and the Captain who left the scene thinking it was OK and somehow that he had done enough.

This is what is happening RIGHT now with the world’s economic system.  You don’t have an easy way out either, they don’t tell you of the danger, but those that do know are preparing lifeboats while leaving you OUT, telling you nothing, or that it is OK, maybe worse, they are telling you of a false recovery!

Prepare, Prepare NOW.  Get informed and educated and build your own life boat to weather the storms ahead, there is NO EASY WAY OUT.



Here is another, and there will be more, this is really bad, but are your Nation’s leaders really any better than this Captain?


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Why is the Federal Government demanding personal data under the guise of the USDA?

Posted by mrfixit on January 8, 2012

Something is NOT right here, I DON’T farm, and my property is not even in a farming area, and yet I and others in similar situations get this survey from the USDA telling us we are somehow required by law to respond!?

For some reason it is important for them to know about the Race and gender of farm operators, contractors hired, bees, number of chicken, hogs, horses, goats, cattle, greenhouses, you name it they want all the data, and for WHAT purpose do they need this I might ask?

Worse than that, the first 4 questions seem to offer no viable way to say no to all 4, because it cites “potential for agriculture production” on your land, and I guess if you have some land, it ALWAYS has potential!

What if you said NO to all four, but later were told you are a liar?  It says to write a note and return, OK, but do I trust them, and why did I get this in the first place?

Here is a copy of the form, with personal information removed:

2012 USDA AG Survey



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