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Well, this blog could not really be complete without some information on faith.  We all have it, it is a matter of what it is centered on.  Even an atheist has a faith, a faith in no God, well that takes a leap to accept as well, I know, I once was so misguided myself.

 Well, I can’t speak for each and every church or religion, but I can say I have studied quite a few, first as a non-believer.  Now, there are differences, there are good people in many religions and churches, I would not go so far as to say I can be certain on any, but I can say for sure in mine.  Since 2005, I have not heard one sermon, not one scripture teaching, not a word from the church I’ve been attending that I could not personally verify as near self-evident truth from the many years in the wilderness where I learned far too many a lesson the wrong way, and paid dearly for those mistakes.  In contrast, the things I was doing correct and gained rewards, well there also I found confirmation and support in the lessons of the bible.

 So, for me, I choose a specific, traditional Lutheran Church in the ELS Synod, this is the smallest of the Lutheran churches, but is also in fellowship with the WELS synod.

 Here are the websites to the ELS and WELS.



 I hope these will be useful to any and all who feel interested in further exploring a growing faith and/or are in need of spiritual inspiration.

  There no doubt may be others worthy, but I can only vouch for what I have certain personal verification.

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