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Posted by mrfixit on October 4, 2012

I have an earlier post on Religion of Evil, and Hypocrisy, but this is over the top in proving that in a vivid way.

Fellowship of the Minds

You just can’t make this stuff up.

A Muslim cleric (of the Shiite sect) is captured on video, saying that a special Wahhabi¹ fatwa² sanctions sodomy as a method of jihad³ because it widens a man’s anus, thereby making the cavity capacious enough for the insertion of explosive capsules!

1. The Wahhabi is an extremist Muslim school-of-thought, based in Saudi Arabia, which claims Osama bin Laden as one of its acolytes.
2. A fatwa is a juristic ruling concerning Islamic law issued by an Islamic scholar, of whom there are droves, with the force of law.
3. Jihad is Islam’s holy war against infidels.]

Here’s the video of London-based Shiite cleric Abdallah Al-Khilaf making the incredible pronouncement on Fadak TV, posted to YouTube on June 16, 2012:

Here’s a transcript of what the cleric said, provided by MEMRI:

Abdallah Al-Khilaf: First, we’d like to show…

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The Project: Chilling documetary on the extensive infiltration of Radical Jihadist Islam in the US Government and society

Posted by mrfixit on October 1, 2012

You really need to see this at The Blaze TV.

Link to the trailer provided here:


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Posted by mrfixit on September 10, 2012

Interesting points here.


David R. Usher is co-author of this article along with  Cynthia L. Davis

“Marriage Equality” is perhaps the most convoluted canard of our time.  Underneath the hood of the homosexual revolution churn the most serious avoidable health problems of our time.

The majority of our most dangerous sexual diseases emanate from the homosexual revolution and are transmitted to wives, infants, children, and men by LBGTQ individuals who are most often bisexual.

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Posted by mrfixit on March 10, 2012

So much for that Oath of Office to the US Constitution. They don’t even care to PRETEND to follow that now!

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Posted by mrfixit on March 9, 2012

Many have been warning that changing the definition of marriage is dangerous, because the argument that is being used to do so will support ANY new definition and here is just one… and it won’t be the last.

Creeping Sharia

If you can’t kill beat them, join them. Or at least ride their coattails to legalize polygamy. Then sharia divorce. via the Muslim Brotherhood’s U.S. newspaper, Gay Marriage Bill Set to Pass Maryland Legislature.

Politicians or not, people, particularly Muslims, have a duty to put principles above politics contends Jameel Johnson with the Prince Georges County Muslim Council. “The Muslim community has an obligation based on our faith to speak in support of just moral behavior and in opposition to that which is unjust even when it is unpopular,” asserted Johnson.

Imam Hussein Barre of the Avondale Muslim Community explains that the issue of same-sex relations is not new. Barre recounts the prayer of Prophet Lut (may Allah be pleased with him) who in the face of being overwhelmed by homosexuals of his time called upon Allah for support. According to the Quran, Allah saved Lut and his family…

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Posted by mrfixit on March 6, 2012

A Very Brave and Courageous Young Patriot! Very much worth the read.

The Last Civil Right

President Obama launched a website  for African-Americans for Obama.  I suppose it is safe to say that this qualifies as a  “blacks only” website, right?  Well, let us see here, I am black, so does that mean I have to accept the premise that because I am black I have to be for President Obama?  Well, I won’t; I won’t accept it.

I can only imagine what would transpire if one of the white candidates were to launch a website for whites:
WHITE PEOPLE FOR NEWT GINGRICH!  Do you honestly think that would fly?  I mean, conservatives, including myself, are already called racists and bigots on a daily basis, all because we disagree with the President’s policies.  Congressman Allen West can’t even make a speech without the Left questioning his black authenticity.  In January, Congressman West delivered a powerful speech to a Florida crowd aimed at President Obama…

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Wyoming Gets it, but does your State have a Clue?

Posted by mrfixit on February 27, 2012

In Wyoming they are seriously considering how to survive an economic collapse, and they do this because any honest look at current trends and the real numbers tells a rational mind that it is inevitable.  The question is only when it will implode, if I had to take a guess, I’d say this summer of early 2013 at the latest, but the exact timing is dependent on many things, but what is for sure is we can’t maintain a per capita debt greater the Greece and have no consequences.  Obama is jamming on the accelerator to make matters worse, so why is he doing that?  Surely his people know what consequences will be?  So it must be intentional, and that is a major problem, but do you see anyone in Congress doing anything practical to stop this?  Nope.  Brace for impact and prepare as best as you can like Wyoming.  It is going to be a rough ride.


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Posted by mrfixit on February 26, 2012

And this is not new, but the Media ignores… Why?

Creeping Sharia

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Posted by mrfixit on February 23, 2012

If you start a racist organization, would that make you a racist? Well, Obama did just that! Media is silent, even Fox…. Why?

Mark America

This should be a Saturday Night Live skit.  Here we have the President of the United States making a purely race-based appeal to African-Americans in support of his campaign.  The whole notion of identity politics is bad enough, but to see that he’s actually launched this in order to support his campaign speaks to a sort of twisted sickness that is the root of our national problem:  This video is divisive by virtue of its very existence.  The sad part is that with a liberal media backing him, nobody will question this.  I can’t believe the United States has fallen to the point where somebody like Barack Obama can make this sort of appeal and nobody will even remark on the underlying sick nature of his proposition.  African-Americans should vote for him because he’s African-American.  That’s the message. Watch:

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Posted by mrfixit on February 23, 2012

I could not say it better, so I will re-blog it here!

Mark America

One of the more annoying themes to begin in earnest during the rise of Rick Santorum has been the idea that cultural or religious conservatives should shut up and go hide in the big tent’s closet.  For those of who think of themselves as moderates, and may look with disdain on cultural conservatives, I have a message from the back, and moderates just might want to pay attention:  The Republicans did not win in 2008 without cultural conservatives, and if you want to know who stayed home, making it more critical than ever that McCain capture more moderates and independents, let me give you just a hint:   It was the cultural conservatives who moderates don’t like, but without them, Republicans cannot win the Presidency.  More than just pat them on their heads, and placating them before banishing them to the periphery of the so-called “big tent,” moderates had better…

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