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US National interest.

Romney Wins States he Can’t win in the General Election, how does this make him inevitable?

Posted by mrfixit on March 14, 2012

I’d add that even Fox News spun the results in favor of Romney, claiming he got more “delegates” from wins in HI and Pacific territories!  HE won’t win these in the general election, and he has the money to send people there… So, to me it means very little, but AL and MS results, that is really big, especially when it came with a very disproportionate expenditure of money.


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KONY 2012: Well Produced Propaganda, Which changes NOTHING for the Children. So what then is the REAL Agenda?

Posted by mrfixit on March 11, 2012

Do your HOMEWORK, what is really going on with this? This concern was expressed well with the following comment when this was first going around in viral fashion:

“OK, I’m going to go against the flow on this one.

I’m not making a stand to protect this guy; he may well be as bad as he is portrayed.

What I’m saying is WE need to do our homework.

We should not all jump on any particular cause or band wagon because of a 30 minute viral video.

That is what this is.  We may well be participating in a trap, a trap to manipulate our feelings that drive us to be concerned and compassionate about caring for others.  In this case the powerful and time tested use of the “children” to further a political agenda is very likely in play, and in a massive way.

So, after viewing this video?  How many did some checking to see who Joseph Kony is, what he claims to be, and WHO is on the other side?

The reason I ask, is it is entirely possible that he is a very evil man, and it is entirely possible that he is himself being persecuted and falsely labeled, and maybe even some combination of both.

Ask this question, if Kony were arrested and his rebels were disbanded, WHO benefits?  Who comes to power?

This is a VITAL question.  We can and should hate the atrocities, but it is also important to make sure we are not in fact being set up to create an even bigger atrocity when we pick sides.

I was reminded this morning of a concealed carry instructor who pointed out the need to assess the situation before getting in to a gun fight.  The situation was a shooter who was firing at a car trying to escape.  At first one may see the threat as the shooter, and want to stop that person, assuming the shooter was in the wrong, but if you shoot him, but later find out it was his car that was stolen, and the car had that person’s small child inside, you would have found out you picked the wrong side!

The point is you need to KNOW the situation in more depth than a 30 minute viral video which is obviously geared to appeal to EMOTION.

I noted in the video that the only refer to LRA as the rebel group, but they do not say what that means.  It stands for Lord’s Resistance Army.  They CLAIM to be Christian.  Are they?  Well the available data suggests that the answer is NO, but do we really know?

Are we jumping into a gun battle and shooting the wrong guy?  We should at LEAST ask the question and seek an honest answer.

I find the section of the video with the little child being INDOCTRINATED with pictures of Kony disturbing.  Again, Kony may well be an evil man, but that EXACT method could be used on a small child to influence them against ANYONE.  You could use that method to make small child believe Jesus was evil.  We know this does happen with radical Islam, and they use children as suicide bombers!

The International Criminal Court is the same group that President Bush wisely sought to prevent having jurisdiction over our troops, and they WANT it, because they’d love to try our guys for war crimes, and they would.  ICC is a UN creation, and the UN is anti-American, and anti-Semitic, consistently, so be careful who you trust.

This is part of the one world government crowds “Responsibility to Protect” doctrine that would have the UN, using US troops into places like Libya, where we choose sides, when neither side was a good one, and how is it now?  Not better, and same in Egypt.  In Egypt we facilitated the rise of radical Islam, and I BET that same outcome will result from this effort.

Why do I assume this?  Well WHO is on the other side?

Who is against LRA?  Uganda and Sudan are against LRA.

Uganda has a dictator; well what do you call a guy in power since 1986?  He has supposedly given up his Marxist beliefs…

Here is what Wikipedia says:   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yoweri_Museveni

He occupied Congo in an act of war and that action killed an estimated 5.4 Million people!

He has also used child soldiers.

He has no problem shutting down free speech in Uganda when he does not like what is being said.

There is an agreement between Sudan and Uganda to attack LRA, and who is in control of Sudan?

Well they are a member of the organization of Islamic Cooperation!

So… Sudan is part of the Caliphate that is growing, and we are HELPING this.  Radical Islam calls us the great Satan, and we are helping them build forces against us!

There are NO good sides in Uganda, one side is a dictator figure that himself has used child soldiers and who is working with a Islamic Sudan, the other is a guy who is we are told is also using child soldiers and committing atrocities.

…and NO!, we are NOT in a different world; the internet does not change the world because it does not change human nature, which is sinful.  It SPEEDS the flow of information, both when used for good, and for evil.  And it speeds the flow of propaganda, and we should not jump the gun on any cause.  I strongly advise we determine who is on BOTH sides before we jump into a conflict.

I’m also concerned this is also connected to the Obama re-election efforts.  He has to distract us from his shredding of the US Constitution and destruction of our economy, and this fits; that and the specific reference and cheering of Obama in this video.  Remember when Clinton bombed the aspirin factories, oh, and that was in Sudan!  Taxpayers paid out big on that effort, but it did distract from his impeachment proceedings!”


Apparently that was even more profound than was even realized at the time. I did some more home work, and so did others, now even the Blaze.com and Fox News have picked up on some of this, but not the ENTIRE picture.

Here are those stories:




Other critical analysis:





But it gets worse!  Not only is Sudan not run by nice guys, they are ruled by a dictator that is himself wanted by the International Criminal Court, for… Genocide!  Yep, and the Invisible Children guys posed with Armed Forces from Sudan….  So what does that mean?  You have 2 bad sides, both apparently involved in Genocide, and IC picks one side over the other, asking for international armed forces to come down on the other, which won’t change a thing!  The other side commits Genocide.  Ever hear of Darfur and the issues there?  Most have, but what do they know about it?  It is the Islamic militias in Sudan murdering those that are not like them!

The Wikipedia information alone should give you pause:


To understand this, you’d need to look at the history of the region.  Sudan was a colony of Britain; some parts were once under control of Egypt.  But none of that has direct significance until you note that when it was a colony, the area we call Sudan was set up as 2 semi-autonomous governments, both were essentially colonies of Britain, but the British did this because the North was Islamic, and the South was Christian.  This might start to better inform that the pattern of spreading Islam is STILL part of this conflict.

I could also add that this fits the pattern in Egypt and Libya. We are siding with what we call a Democracy movement, then later it is unavoidably clear that we helped to depose one dictator for another who comes in to establish Sharia Law and Islamic authoritarian rule.  It is NOT about freedom and Democracy, it is about the growth of an Islamic Caliphate, and that pattern fits the Kony 2012 effort.

Most reports say Kony is not even in control now, and his forces have already been decimated, so then WHY does this all of a sudden come up?

Well I could note the timing, and specific mention of 2012.  What does this line up with?   What else is happening in 2012?  Well think about it….

What was the one event that Obama seems to mention often that he claims shows his courageous leadership?  He claims he got Bin Laden!  (it was the SEALS and ongoing efforts which included harsh interrogation that went back to the previous President that made this possible, he opposed this, and it was a choice he’d be a fool NOT to make, the courage was all on the operators, not him, but I digress).

So, we sent 100 “advisors” to Uganda, and we now have an established military command in Africa….  Most people have NO clue about this, it did not get much media attention.

A specific goal of the 100 “advisors” is the capture or kill this Kony guy, and if they succeed and it comes out in the news, people will not have any clue about what this means, they largely don’t even know we have troops on the ground there!

So, all of a sudden in an election year, this video comes out and goes viral to make this new target famous, so when we get him, we can have a celebration, and I’m sure Obama will be talking about his brave decision to make sure this evil man was stopped.

So, it is a giant propaganda piece.

Yes, this Kony guy might be as bad as they say, but he is largely irrelevant already, his “army” is maybe 200 strong, and it is not even clear he is still in charge!

Then I would have to ask, how can he get by for over 2 decades and be so elusive?  How can this be?  Someone MUST be supporting him, and WHY?

Well I can’t know, but I can guess.  He is fighting other bad guys, evil like this is unfortunately not uncommon.  In Uganda you have a dictator who led an effort that killed millions, on the other side of the border you have a dictator, Islamic radical that is charged with Genocide in Darfur!  So, picking sides is something we need to be very cautious about.

We can be compassionate all we want, but it won’t change a thing.  It seems they problem lies with the foundation of all power structures in the region, which seem to have in common the squashing by brutal force any opposition.  They do not have the true founding principles that respect INDIVIDUAL human rights that come from a creator.  That is the root of the problem, and to really fix anything, that issue must first be considered, but we can’t even do that, because the world would cry about us being an empire and forcing our views on others!  I can hear it now, blood for oil, etc.

The most concise description of the viral video effort of Kony 2012 would call Slacktivism.  A combination of slacker and activist, basically giving people a feel good that they made a difference by liking and spreading this propaganda on social media as if it will somehow change the world.  Well, sadly it changes nothing.

The problem is you can’t even offer effective humanitarian aid when there is no security.  The warlords steal it and you end up feeding the oppressor.  To really fix the problem, you have to destroy all the corrupt power structures and start over, but in so doing you likely become corrupt also!

There is only one true inspiration that is not corrupt, that is looking toward divine providence and establishing a government based upon unalienable rights from a creator, and a government of limited powers which is held to respecting those rights.  But we can’t even seem to get that right here, because our own leaders can’t seem to stay within those boundaries!

So, ONLY God can help.  I don’t say this to be cold, I say it to be honest. We need his help also, and before we try to get specks out of the eyes of others, we need to first remove the plank in our own eye.

We are permitting the killing of the most innocent right here at home, we are on the verge of forcing people to pay for things that violate their beliefs, and we have a leader that is OK with killing a baby after it is born alive!  That is right, your president as a state senator specifically argued for this exact thing!

So, I’ll close with this thought.  We live in a country that has accepted the killing of millions of babies over the last 4 decades or so.  We have problems staying within our Constitutional boundaries on limited power of government.  We have a crushing national debt, that gets worse every minute.

If you want to do something to help the oppressed of the world, you must first fix your own house and nation, because we are on a collision course for national disaster.  Our moral core has been hollowed out, and we have spent into oblivion.  We are financially worse than Greece, and if you don’t know what is happening there, you better start looking into it, because we are next.

There will be no way to help others when we are placed in an economic catastrophe, we’ll be too busy trying to survive, and your current President and his minions are doing this on purpose.  He wants fundamental transformation by first destroying our foundation and then rebuilding.  This is what they do with recruits in boot camp, break you down under stress and rebuild.  The problem for our nation is that we have a good and solid foundation now, if we build a new one, it won’t be better, it will be one like they have in Uganda, or Sudan that does not respect your individual rights, but gives power to the elite all in the name of a common good and the collective.  It is a clear and present danger right now.

So, instead of spreading this bogus slacktivist message to help invisible children by shifting power from one madman to another, this sadly changes NOTHING.  Start getting involved in the political process here at home and shore up your own family.

If we don’t get involved to fix our pressing issues, we will soon see we are no longer able to help fix the problems elsewhere, and we won’t even exist as the “shining city on the hill” to inspire good government in the rest of the world, which is the real solution in places like Uganda and Sudan.

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Why a Medical Evacuation (MEDEVAC) from the world’s most advanced and modern, well equipped warship (USS Ronald Reagan, CVN -76), when it has complete on board medical facilities and staff?

Posted by mrfixit on January 20, 2012

The news reported very little detail, and to this day it is absent on any search.  Why?

Why did NO ONE ASK the question posed above?

Want to know, then read on!

Here is the story:


(check for yourself, of MANY different stories, they will all read almost IDENTICAL to this one! – Search for “Ronald Reagan medevac Seattle”…)

A super carrier has a full medical facility and staff to do just about anything, so why the need to call the Coast Guard to fly a sailor off the ship (MEDEVAC) (with the additional risks and of course costs)?  There must be something to this story, but NO ONE apparently dares ask or report….

Why no details on what happened?  A horrible accident or something very serious…  I’d expect some questions because it must have been a big deal, so the mere concern for the safety and well-being of the injured sailor would seem to beg for such questions and answers…

It is likely will never see it reported in the media.  There will likely never be a follow-up at all on this story.

There is likely a political reason for the cover up, and that is what this appears to be, so what is the medical condition that required an evacuation off the USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) on 10 January 2012…

The injured happened to be a young female sailor (age 22, typically an E4) who was pregnant with a hemorrhage; a condition that can be deadly and which requires immediate medical care by very specialized surgeons. (It will likely to be diagnosed as an Ectopic Pregnancy (sometimes called Tubal Pregnancy).


I know the political powers that be would NOT want this story to be told, even when there is no personally identifiable information to track back to the actual sailor involved, no names have been reported but this ship has a crew of about 3000 without an air wing embarked!  It can’t be that hard for the media to find out what happened!

If it was just about ANY other medical condition, we’d likely know.  Those medical conditions would be reported (especially if a MEDEVAC was involved, however that likely would not have happened at all on this ship, since they would have been treated onboard with complete facilities and staff!)  These types of details about injuries/illness are virtually are always included in such news reports, because it is normal to ask such questions, out of natural concerns for the injured.

To PROVE this point, here is an official Navy story with a fair amount of detail on medical conditions and status for a MEDEVAC involving this same ship!  (Ironically this one to the ship, not off and away, also demonstrating the extensive medical capabilities on board!)


And here is one with injury mentioned, and drastic actions needed for a submarine sailor:


And this from the Navy News Service, with medical details all over the place:


And one more, this with extensive mention of injuries in the USS San Francisco collision (and some goofy conspiracy theories that are entertaining!):


Let me suggest a possible explanation for the absence of information in the news:  This is EXACTLY the medical concern unique to women serving in the Navy that many have suggested makes it very dangerous to have mixed gender crews on deployments.

To illustrate the legitimacy of such concerns by reporting such an example from a super carrier provides a very dramatic obstacle to the political agenda, and it could clearly harm continued efforts to integrate in other areas.  This agenda is pushed with such reckless abandon, it may well result in very preventable deaths (to say nothing about the costs and readiness issues here as well)!

Then how many other problems have been covered up like this one?  It is reasonable that this is the ONLY one time this has happened?

What other issues are covered up?

See an earlier post on that:


2 out of every 100 (2%) (source: mayo clinic, linked above) of all pregnancies are Ectopic, so this, most likely has happened before (and will happen again, even when it is 100% preventable!), but you still won’t hear about it in the news, covered up just like it was here!

It was very fortunate that when this happened, the ship happened to be near a major US city with speedy access to such very specialized medical care, care that may well save her life.  What if this happened while the ship was off the coast of a barren third world country where such carriers are very often deployed, or even worse if it were on a Submarine at sea anywhere?  She could have died before proper care could have been provided!

When pushing this agenda many such risks have been consistently ignored.  That is a real shame and it should not be permitted, but it happens because we seem to permit censoring of the truth, preferring to hold to the party line and PC, and thus we set up people to take real risks while often they are left completely unaware they are taking such risks…

I would ask proponents of mixed gender crews, and those that would willingly continue to censor these incidents… How would you feel if this woman was a family member who was not near Seattle, but rather perished in absence of such advanced medical care?  Do you really think the Navy needs to add such specialized medical care and its associated costs to ALL ships with mixed crews?  (If that were really even possible on a Submarine they normally do not even have a full doctor aboard!)

Would advocates of mixed gender crews still be willing to accept such risks if it had led to the death of a family member or friend? – Not likely, but even with that it is not expected that many will change any deeply indoctrinated opinions, since this agenda has been deeply impressed upon people in our current culture from a very young age.

I can see it now, they will say Men can die of all kinds of medical issues, and yes that is true and it does happen, but the circumstances of this one ARE 100% preventable, and that makes it different!

Ironically many of these same people who would advocate for what becomes gender inequality in the name of equality, they would be for enacting gall kinds of restrictions based upon isolated and even very rare events, such as rules and laws pushed “to save even one life”, but they’ll dismiss that same concern when applied here in a situation like this!  It goes against their agenda; they think it is vital to mix crews for gender equality.  The harsh reality aside that men and women are in fact different escapes many, that is not to saying they should be unequal before the law, but to say they are uniquely equipped with capabilities and aptitudes that are never going to be equal generally to make men and women equal in all areas (there happen to be some physical differences, even the standards demonstrate this reality).

This is not to be a comment against women serving (this incident could only can happen with a responsible MALE involved somewhere, so one could just as easy attempt label it anti-male…), but one should realize that the mixed gender crew model, while at sea carries such additional risks, costs and it is AN entirely avoidable model, even though I don’t anticipate it will be changed any time soon…

All the efforts to recruit women, and it is only 15%, and they have very high attrition.  Is it worth the costs, and risks?  That is a question we are not to ask, it is not PC, costs be damned, and we have almost $16Trillion in debt and massive defense cuts ahead!

Efforts to conceal the truth, lead to bad results.  Ignoring the truth is not a victimless choice to make – there will be many victims from such choices, history is riddled with examples, and it is not a pattern that is new or even unique to this story.

See previous comments about women on submarines:


And about the Agenda:


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Luxury Ship Catastrophe: A Tragedy with more lessons to learn than just Safety at Sea.

Posted by mrfixit on January 15, 2012

In this story there is much you should note, not only about the very real and continued risks in life, that no matter how sophisticated and technologically advanced Mankind thinks he has become, the dangers of the world continue to be ever-present.

We ignore risks at our own peril.  (I’m not saying the passengers were responsible, they are clearly VICTIMS here).

Further when we assume others will take care of all things for us and live ignorantly blissful of risks, we then open ourselves up to greater risk and peril.

When we as a society think we can have ever-increasing abundance, with ever decreasing creation of value by living on massive debt, we then also fool ourselves and we are like passengers on a ship in extreme danger with our elected leaders telling us it is only a minor glitch that is all under control… but it is NOT and they KNOW it.

In this story you’ll see all of this.  A ship that is in grave danger, an announcement to keep the masses calm-an announcement that was clearly a lie.

You’ll see a crew member that knew of the danger, wearing his life jacket, but then refusing to warn others (likely on orders from the Captain or other crew leaders).

Then you’ll see the disaster and the Captain who left the scene thinking it was OK and somehow that he had done enough.

This is what is happening RIGHT now with the world’s economic system.  You don’t have an easy way out either, they don’t tell you of the danger, but those that do know are preparing lifeboats while leaving you OUT, telling you nothing, or that it is OK, maybe worse, they are telling you of a false recovery!

Prepare, Prepare NOW.  Get informed and educated and build your own life boat to weather the storms ahead, there is NO EASY WAY OUT.



Here is another, and there will be more, this is really bad, but are your Nation’s leaders really any better than this Captain?


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Why is the Federal Government demanding personal data under the guise of the USDA?

Posted by mrfixit on January 8, 2012

Something is NOT right here, I DON’T farm, and my property is not even in a farming area, and yet I and others in similar situations get this survey from the USDA telling us we are somehow required by law to respond!?

For some reason it is important for them to know about the Race and gender of farm operators, contractors hired, bees, number of chicken, hogs, horses, goats, cattle, greenhouses, you name it they want all the data, and for WHAT purpose do they need this I might ask?

Worse than that, the first 4 questions seem to offer no viable way to say no to all 4, because it cites “potential for agriculture production” on your land, and I guess if you have some land, it ALWAYS has potential!

What if you said NO to all four, but later were told you are a liar?  It says to write a note and return, OK, but do I trust them, and why did I get this in the first place?

Here is a copy of the form, with personal information removed:

2012 USDA AG Survey



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The Corruption of America

Posted by mrfixit on January 8, 2012

I’ve been studying and commenting on this kind of thing for some time now.  I’m always amazed to find new information that is often not really new, but for some reason no one knows, and I’m not talking conspiracy stuff, I’m talking outrageous stuff, out in the open, and verifiable but for some reason mostly ignored.

I’m going to post the full scanned copy of the December 2011 Stansberry’s Investment Advisory from one guy who has much more time studying this than I, and a guy that if I had known and followed back in my meager early days in small investing would have made me far more wealthy that I am now.  He is almost always right, because he has no political agenda it seems and is willing to accept the truth, and more importantly he is willing to SAY it.

He gave permission in this newsletter to copy and distribute, and if you read it you’ll better understand why.

If there is just ONE of my posts to read out of over 300, this document is the first one I’d recommend, because it rolls in most of what I’ve done in over 300 posts, in only 15 pages.

Here it is:

The Corruption of America


If that peaks your interest, here are some additional links that will further enlighten to our situation:



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Society CAN Change Very Quickly. You May not ever see it coming

Posted by mrfixit on January 7, 2012

This is worth the read IN FULL.  Think about the MANY similarities to what we see happening today in the USA, and even other parts of the world.

NOTE: they ALWAYS target the young, impressionable minds, even turning them against their own parents!  This is why the Attack on the Family is real, and it continues to this day, but our failure to understand this collectively it to our own demise.


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The Move for Gay Marriage is really an Effort to attack the Family… Santorum is Correct on this issue!

Posted by mrfixit on January 6, 2012

In a recent discussion about the effort to re-define the meaning of marriage, I penned the following:

One of the comments in the story captures my point in its first paragraph, the next two add to the case, and whether a believer in God or not, it is without legitimate question that the foundation of our Government was rooted in the belief of one, and that the true origin of our “Unalienable” Rights mentioned in the Declaration of Independence, and spelled out more specifically in the Bill of Rights was from a creator.

“This whole thing isn’t about marriage anyway. It’s about FORCING acceptance and viewpoint change, using the state as a weapon. The Gay lobby is basically wanting the State to compel religions to say that the Bible is wrong, God was mistaken and homosexuality is perfectly fine. That’s why civil unions aren’t enough.

This first began with the inconclusive ‘evidence’ showing that homosexuality is genetic. That was the initial salvo in MAN saying that homosexuality is genetic, so GOD must be wrong or mistaken in calling it an abomination. (AKA – God made me this way).

The truth is that God didn’t make you this way any more than he made a pedophile crave children. The abomination is still an abomination, despite the best efforts of Satan manipulating MAN’s own pride in his scientific knowledge to undermine God’s laws.”

As an engineer, taking out the specific religious aspects, mere design intent alone suggests there are issues with acceptance of some lifestyles as equivalent, and that is not to say some quest to ban them by force is then reasonable, it is not, just as to have an agenda to use force to having it be accepted.  Both are wrong, tolerance is the correct angle in this, which somehow is still not considered good enough.

Here is the story:


There is one other important point to make, if there is unfairness in how people are taxed being married, vs. other unions, or other benefits, doesn’t it make more sense to fix those issues, and not redefine a word?

A simple fair tax system solves MANY problems.  That and use of simple contract laws, and legal arrangements like powers of attorney and wills.

The only reason to use “Marriage” as the issue is to attack the foundation of the family, and to then force acceptance based upon laws by making that which is NOT equal, equal in law, which is using force to demand acceptance, and it is a really bad idea whether it be a religion, or the LGBT community.

It is not enough to be tolerated, they want to force you to endorse and support their choices as equal, and getting it equal by word definition is what the agenda is, because it has worked many times in the past.  To control the language is the control some minds, this is why there are countless “translations” of even the Bible, even subtle differences can add up to different outcomes.

This is not isolated, the attack on the family has many fronts, this is but one of the paper cuts I mentioned, but to stop bleeding each cut has to be stopped, which is why some speak on this issue, and don’t toe the line as many others do in seek of a “bigger issue” to address.

You don’t have to take this as just my opinion either, the enemies of this country made this a goal years ago, and it is playing out while many won’t to do the homework to figure it all out.

Here is one of many posts that deal with the overt attack on the family and how it is a stated goal of the progressive left, it is not a coincidence:


Want to know more? – Look at what is going on with the Girl Scouts, and why there is a new alternative: American Heritage Girls. The corruption and attack on the family is wide spread, and the results not hard to see, so why do people dismiss this as an intentional effort of the Progressive left when they have said it is an objective in their own words!

I could write for days on this, but don’t have the time, so check in out yourself, I started you with many bit of information and links provided above.

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Infiltration Continues, to our demise as a Freedom Based Society…

Posted by mrfixit on December 28, 2011

I have been unable to keep up with all of it, but here are two posts from blogs I found that have been trying to keep up.

Check these out, and if you are so inclined sign up for the e-mail updates.  You’ll be amazed and shocked at the detail and volume of information they provide.





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If you Think Newt is the Answer, think again.

Posted by mrfixit on December 16, 2011

He is Obama’s dream, next to Romney, only he did not really think the GOP would be so foolish to fall for the Newt trap, but if polls have any credibility, maybe the GOP really is that gullible.


Don’t aggree?  Then explain the videos of Newt and the facts at this site:



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