Minority Rights Advocate

Fighting for the smallest minority: The Individual

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For those who are new, explanation for Minority Rights Advocate:

Defending the Smallest Minority – the INDIVIDUAL

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Rights to individuals, granted by GOD, as stated in the Declaration of Independence.

 “The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.” –author and philosopher Ayn Rand (1905-1982)

 The purpose of this site is to spread the truth.  I’m not unique in my quest, but one of many.  I feel the concepts that have made the US so successful, so fast are the foundation built upon the concept of individual GOD given rights, and that a LIMITED government was only formed to SECURE those liberties.  The founders’ intent is clear, but many of the modern collectivist progressive elites have sought to reverse the original redistribution of power to the people, by enslaving the masses with a seductive message of a collectivist utopia.  They seek to reverse that power distribution by creation of dependence on government, now at 41% of all Americans with some kind of government entitlement, and 1 out of 7 on food stamps.  The creation of dependence is the means to consolidate power back into the hands of a few, reversing the original intent of a government of, for and BY “WE THE PEOPLE”.

I choose Minority Rights Advocate, since we have been falsely led to believe that we must divide into groups of people along racial, religion, creed, sex, orientation, etc, and then battle other groups for our collective rights.  This is WRONG.  Our rights are only legitimate when they come directly from God, to EACH individual.   All the other labels are meaningless; we are first and foremost individuals all with the same almighty God as our father.  As such we are all brothers and sisters, and should UNITE in principle on the concept of our rights being inherent in our creation, granted by God, and they are to be secured for us with a government, a government limited so as to not become the mechanism to infringe on the very rights it is supposed to secure.

My perspective:

Alright, I have a certain level of anonymity here, but it is fair to give some details so you can understand my perspective.

My username: mrfixit, my nickname here goes back to my days in High School, when I worked many jobs from running a small snack bar to a fuel dock/marina/small store.  I was the guy that was known to fix whatever needed to be fixed: Mr. fixit.

So, who am I? – Well I was raised in a Military family.  My father did 3 decades of active duty, retiring the year I graduated from High School.  This setting provided me a very diverse education and experiences as a child.  I’ve lived on both coasts of the USA, and even several years overseas and in foreign schools. That overseas experience at the height of the cold war solidified a profound patriotic foundation.  I could see clearly in the old world, the circumstances and station in society was pretty much a set condition by the status of the birth parents.  Little real opportunity for prosperity or entrepreneurs existed.  You were born wealthy or poor and largely that was the way it would be, most were resigned and conditioned to just accept it, but some looked to the inspiration of the USA as a dream.  One such person used to watch me and my siblings, her goal was to become a nurse, then immigrate to the USA where she might actually get decent pay.  There pay was pathetic as a nurse, national government healthcare was already in effect.  I also experienced this system first hand to include outdated ineffective medicines and long waits for care.  

      Well, on to High School back in the USA, I learned that I was about 2 years ahead in education, the US public schools did not have classes at the level which compared to where I was, and I was only an above average student!

      More perspective: I came back we an accent (soon to be lost) but I learned that unlike many abrasive and abusive foreign students that left me with only a few friends overseas, back in the USA my apparent foreign status made me oddly popular, enough even to get me attention of some girls!  Imagine that.  The USA was such a good place that even our children largely embraced diversity!

      Well, in High School I went all out with activities and academics.  I was also working summers and evenings on some school days starting at age 14.  I had a goal, go to the US Naval Academy and be a Naval Officer.  Well, I did well, achieved many awards and did well in athletics, JROTC, academics and even in some clubs like Students for Environmental Action.  JROTC took me as far north as Maine, as far west as Washington State, and as far south as Florida all in the first year. I also did well in AP, college classes, and even took a college computer class in the evenings at one point, while still in High School.

      I ended up not getting USNA, despite 3 Nominations!  My first, and not last experience with military medical bureaucracy so delayed my selection process that by the time I was cleared, the USNA had completed selections, opportunity lost, or actually fate working in unexpected ways!  As a back-up I had applied for a NROTC scholarship, and was awarded one!  Initially planning on Penn State, but then realizing that the room and board and first year out of state tuition priced it out of reasonable reach, I ended up weighing between two offers, one total coverage with a stipend of $1000 per year, not bad! ,but when I learned it was in Chicago and had tunnels between buildings for safety, well the next offer of 80% first year tuition and free room and board came into first place!

      During the summer when not at USNA, fate served me well, meeting the most influential person in my adult life, my wife!

      I went on to a Military College in Vermont, easy to figure out which one if you really want to know, there is only one there!   I did well, earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and was selected for the competitive Navy Nuclear Power pipeline.  The question asked by the four star Admiral, ADM DeMars: How did I manage almost 3 hours daily of Rifle Team practice and all the course work as an ME, at times with over 22 credits a semester.  Well at that time I had recently come to learn the point of diminishing returns from pulling all nighters!  My hard learned lesson: get 4 hours of sleep, or fall further and further behind, make the most of every possible moment in the day to get assignments done, efficiency was the key, but at the end of the day, everyone is limited to the same 24 hour limit.

      I also learned in College the dedication and concentration needed to make extraordinary near 1000 mile weekend road trips to visit my fiancée.  Leaving class on a Friday and driving over night to get there, then to return starting midday on Sunday, and getting back in time to shower and head to classes Monday.  This at times in the Vermont/New York winters, in snow/ice and in a $500 rear wheel drive economy car.

      Married, commissioned and graduated in 3 back to back days, then shortly after off to wherever the Navy would send me, which took me to FL, NY, CT, GA all in less than 2 years.  First child came about 11 months after marriage.  The experience of being a parent was the next most influential factor in my development.  So much changes when you realize the awesome responsibility that comes with a child. Eventually I’d have 3, each a blessing of immeasurable value.

I ended active duty after about 10 years, 9 full patrols, a number of awards, and MBA earned while on active duty, some really good memories, some tough times, and much, too much family separation.  As it turns out the next 10 years would likely include about 40% of that time away from home, and homes moving around and kids uprooted.  As it turned out the 3 kindergartens in one year did not sit well with my oldest.  I feared the Navy life would make my parental responsibilities impossible to meet, and by the 20 year career, my oldest would be an adult, and the opportunity lost.  Was it worth the risk?  I decided no, but wanted to continue service, so I maintained my Navy affiliation in the Navy Reserve.

After active duty Navy, I received 4 job offers, took one as an Aerospace manufacturing engineer at a small, rapidly growing, great company.  It was a great job, great experience, but the commute was long and when a closer job offer materialized, with comparable benefits, I made the change, even though it was only 18 months later (moving closer with a much lower quality of life was not a reasonable option).  Though only a short time, I learned much about how a successful entrepreneurial company operates.  I also learned that the Federal Government offers pay and benefits that are almost impossible to beat, a sad reality, but it suggests perhaps another indicator of the problems ahead.

      In the Navy Reserve I served as an Executive Officer, lead many security operations, and continue my marksmanship training as a competitor in the US Navy Marksmanship team.  I’m really close to becoming a Distinguished Marksman in Rifle, and have been pushing into the top 10% in Pistol as well.  The Navy Reserve provided me the opportunity to train and earn a certification as a NRA Law Enforcement handgun and shotgun instructor.

      Other experiences of interest: 

–    Founded a Homeowners Association to maintain a private road and water system.

–    Participation in local politics serving as precinct committee officer, on the state platform committee, in the legislative district committee, and on the county executive board.

–    Served on a school board for a small Christian School.

–    Participated in several Tea Party events in the state capital, including personal visits to representatives in their offices.

  Somewhere along this journey, my family life brought me into church, which soon cemented much of what had become self-evident in life prior, it all now made sense.  My re-birth had opened my eyes to a truth that I could confirm from previous and ongoing observations in the world surrounding me.  I learned that life was not about self, it is about service.  Service when properly applied, takes care of self without the need to cloud judgment on self focused, vain and futile pursuit of selfish pursuits above all else.  

 I provide this summary of who I am, so you can better appreciate the experiences of my life that have formed the perspective that guides my analysis you find on this blog.  My mission to assist you in gaining the education and perspective needed to become a fellow committed and passionate patriot in support of the founding principles that made the USA great, and that are needed to restore and preserve it for future generations.  Join me, and millions like me in our quest to restore the promise of America for our children, and for the World, as the shining city on the hill to inspire and guide the individual rights and freedom of all mankind on this earth.


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