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Romney Wins States he Can’t win in the General Election, how does this make him inevitable?

Posted by mrfixit on March 14, 2012

I’d add that even Fox News spun the results in favor of Romney, claiming he got more “delegates” from wins in HI and Pacific territories!  HE won’t win these in the general election, and he has the money to send people there… So, to me it means very little, but AL and MS results, that is really big, especially when it came with a very disproportionate expenditure of money.


3 Responses to “Romney Wins States he Can’t win in the General Election, how does this make him inevitable?”

  1. Dave Dahlke said

    I like Laura Ingraham’s explanation about what is happening in the caucuses. She says that the conservatives are voting against the establishment which means a vote against Romney. I believe she is right. Conservatives are getting fed up with the GOP establishment and they aren’t going to follow them any longer. They just put election and politics ahead of the people and what is good for America. The establishment must be made to listen to the will of the people. And if that means voting them out or not voting for their candidate so be it.

    • mrfixit said

      Today’s establishment looks at it all like some kind of game, it is not. What we have is the age old battle between good and evil, and it is not solely isolated to one party, or one organization. Evil corrupts everything, because it corrupts every individual. They have so badly moved into organizations of all kinds, churches included. I recall reading that in Alinsky’s book, he has followers working to be priests, and we see the results of that today. With that said, we should not let them have the opportunity, by our being there, we displace them, and that is how we work to correct the problem, but sadly many will just give up in disgust and sit it out, which is EXACTLY what the other side wants us to do! I for one will not comply with that plan.

      • Dave Dahlke said

        That’s the way Mark Levin spelled it out on Book TV last night. He said it will be hard but we can’t afford to sit it out. Like he said, if obama wins reelection this country is toast. We only have to look at Greece to see the future. However, if the GOP wins it will still be a battle to overcome all the laws that have been passed and freedoms taken from us over many years. But at least we can begin to take the country back to Constitutionalism.

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