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Wyoming Gets it, but does your State have a Clue?

Posted by mrfixit on February 27, 2012

In Wyoming they are seriously considering how to survive an economic collapse, and they do this because any honest look at current trends and the real numbers tells a rational mind that it is inevitable.  The question is only when it will implode, if I had to take a guess, I’d say this summer of early 2013 at the latest, but the exact timing is dependent on many things, but what is for sure is we can’t maintain a per capita debt greater the Greece and have no consequences.  Obama is jamming on the accelerator to make matters worse, so why is he doing that?  Surely his people know what consequences will be?  So it must be intentional, and that is a major problem, but do you see anyone in Congress doing anything practical to stop this?  Nope.  Brace for impact and prepare as best as you can like Wyoming.  It is going to be a rough ride.



2 Responses to “Wyoming Gets it, but does your State have a Clue?”

  1. Darrell said

    The short answer of course is no. They talk about how long the rainy day fund will last as they continue spending at current levels, because, clearly, the end of the crisis is right around the corner or already here, right?
    On the other hand, I think the decline, as rapid as it is, will not hit bottom for quite a while. (It is already unacceptably low.) When push comes to shove (too late), there are a lot of individuals and groups whom the governments (federal, state, and local) can throw under the bus. Will the government sacrifice itself for the good of the people? That is, will they willingly shut down, say, Homeland Security? Or even just the TSA (Teatro de Securidad en Aeropuertos)?
    I see a parallel when I watch the stock markets; I am amazed at how long prices can continue to rise although everyone knows that given stocks are overpriced, often way overpriced. The game is rigged, both in private finances and in the public economy. They love to lull us into complacency.
    As the author points out, Wyoming is being ridiculed. But the tinfoil-hat-types have made more money in gold (5 to 6x) than any other sector, including oil (4x), in the last decade. Being prepared for disaster does not mean you are foolish if a disaster does not occur. But being unprepared is foolish either way.

    • mrfixit said

      I’d like to think there is time also, but it could also happen in rapid fashion, as it has before in other places. Hyperinflation is the likely situation we may see. The only thing that prevents that now is the US Dollar in the status as the world reserve currency, but that is being challenged now, and already other countries are working to wean away from use of US dollars (China and Russia are already doing direct trades, without US dollars).

      China is amassing massive amounts of Gold, it is likely they will offer to be the replacement for the US dollar, and to get everyone onboard and to prevent damage to themselves as much as possible, they do this be offering to back their money with gold. If they do this, we are in very big trouble, we will not be able to afford our military, and we’ll be defeated. I don’t say it is inevitable, but very likely this happens, because if you look at it from their perspective it makes perfect sense. They know we can never repay our debt to them, so they need to move to protect themselves, and when we implode, their currency backed with Gold will still have value, and they can buy us out at a deep discount to cover at least some part of their investment.

      Being prepared is imperative in this situation, and this could all go down this year, or next, but it is close right now.

      With all that said, the effort in WY failed, so they are also NOT going to be prepared in any way, but at least their was some effort made.

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