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In God we Trust: It is on our Money, but don’t dare mention God in today’s military

Posted by mrfixit on February 26, 2012

So, a nation founded upon the belief that our creator, God, granted us as human beings certain unalienable rights, and with divine providence we’d be able to form this nation, that same county only a bit over 200 years later is now the place where by better not even dare mention God in any official capacity!

Here a 3 star General in the Air Force is under assault for daring to express his personal rules which adhere to a higher service to God!


Yep, that is where we are today.

But, we now also seem to think there is a right for homosexuals to share your bunkroom, and if you don’t like it you have to shut up, and no, you can’t bunk with the opposite sex, that would be an outrage?!

Oh, and we can mention Allah, and apologize to savages that are killing our guys over the destruction of some books, but we can’t even dare ask for any apology about the murder of thousands or our people who are trying to save the innocents from the savages that we will apologize to?!

We’ve gone mad I tell you, and it is no wonder we are in a state of decline, we selected the leaders we have…


3 Responses to “In God we Trust: It is on our Money, but don’t dare mention God in today’s military”

  1. Dave Dahlke said

    I fear for my children and grandchildren. This nation is becoming the Great Appeaser and our once great nation is being reduced to groveling at the feet of evil.

    • mrfixit said

      In some ways I do as well, and then I realize that this happening is what we were warned about, which may just mean eternal call to heaven is near. What I have sorrow over is the masses that seem to have been taken to the dark side, I’d sure like to have everyone saved by coming to faith in Christ, but it is not in my ability to do this, though I know I should at least try. As long as we keep the faith and try to save others, I think God’s eternal grace will be there to bring us to a better place at the right time. His will be done. While that keeps me sane, I’m still feeling the need to try and fix and salvage what is left, because I think that also is the correct response to this decline, we should fight it because we care for our fellow man, but we also need to recall that we have limited ability, God has infinite ability, I’m thankful to have been granted the gift of faith, otherwise life would be very difficult with all that is happening these days.

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