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Posted by mrfixit on February 21, 2012

Do as they say, not as they do. The arrogance is over the top!

Mark America

Forgive me if I seem upset.  I know the job of President can be stressful and taxing(and with this clown, taxing in more ways than one,) but I must ask about the tally of the Obama family vacations.  I will grant you that in the entirety of my adult life(I’m now 46,) if I include even the three-day honeymoon I took with my wife, I can come up with exactly six vacations, totaling 46 days, thus making me atypical, but sixteen in three years?  That’s living pretty well on our dime, if you ask me.  What is particularly irksome to me is that in many of these cases, the President isn’t present, so we’re paying for security for three-fourths of the first family, plus friends, relatives, and all the rest with a frequency that has become obnoxious.  Michelle Antoinette ought to give it a rest, because while I don’t…

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2 Responses to “”

  1. Dave Dahlke said

    They aren’t really vacationing. They are out surveying lands that the federal government can take over.

    • mrfixit said

      Or, that Soros and his one world government can take over… I don’t think they even like the concept of national governments at all, even ours, because they set on on a course of certain destruction as a nation, and they’ve accelerated the process.

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