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Posted by mrfixit on February 20, 2012

Hard to argue this analysis… Think about this as you go off to vote.

Mark America

Romney is looking weak in Michigan.  Rush Limbaugh opened his show on President’s Day with a monologue on the GOP panic over the rise of Rick Santorum and the diminution of the “inevitable nominee” Mitt Romney.  What Limbaugh has identified is a trend we’ve been watching for some time, whereby the GOP insiders are doing everything they can to put Romney over the top.  It’s true to say that Romney is in trouble, but he’s clawing his way back a bit in Michigan, as the media continues to hammer on Rick Santorum, suggesting that he’s too conservative.  It’s not clear that Rick Santorum is really so conservative as they pretend, and it shows the problem the establishment has with its man Mitt:  While they try to convince us that Romney is conservative, they detest cultural conservatism.

The juxtaposition is laughable.  On the one hand, the GOP establishment tells us Mitt…

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4 Responses to “”

  1. Dave Dahlke said

    I agree that the GOP is totally behind Romney and doesn’t want to support any other candidate. They will, however, support whichever candidate gets the nomination. They will be unhappy if it isn’t Romney though. One other thing. What President did everything that he promised in his campaign? None. I don’t believe any of the GOP candidates will accomplish everything that they promise in their campaigns but we must choose the one who we believe will keep the best promises. Which are the best promises? We all have our own individual opinions about what we consider important and we will support the candidate that espouses those values. However, the media will be doing its best to destroy all GOP candidates EXCEPT for the candidate they believe will lose to obama. I believe that the media sees Romney as their candidate of choice because his ideas are the most aligned with obama’s. The media will protect Romney only until the nomination is made. If the nomination is Romney the media will turn 180 and go destruct on Romney and protect on obama.

    • mrfixit said

      Exactly! This is predictable, because it is exactly the pattern from 2008, that time it was McCain, now it is Romney, who has been endorsed but McCain!

      We are fools for not seeing this obvious pattern, but it is what it is. I supported Romney last time becuase he was then better than McCain, now he is the McCain of this cycle…. How ironic.

  2. Dave Dahlke said

    Hopefully I’ll make it to the caucus on Saturday. I am not happy with the slate of candidates we have but having to choose between the four I will be choosing between Santorum and Gingrich. I like Santorum on his prolife issues and his standing up to the press. I like Gingrich for his anti-islamic fundamentalism stand and his standing up to the press. Which road to take. These are both deciding issues for me. At the moment I am leaning Santorum. Besides my grandson is a Santoum fan and he can’t vote. So I just may vote for his candidate. After all, it is his future.

    • mrfixit said

      I aggree, we do not have the ideal candidate, but we never will. I’m for Santorum, because while I think Gingrich speaks well and says what I want to hear, I don’t trust him. He has a history of betrayal, and the issue with a multi-year affair to the woman he is now married to seems to speak to this in bold fashion. I’ve also heard him rail against the power elite and political class, which sounds good, but he is more one of them than Santorum for sure, and I think he is trying to remove himself from his own past, where Santorum is willing to accept he has made mistakes and will admit it. I also think Santorum realizes the root of our demise is on decline of social issues, like abortion on demand, etc. He does not back down on this, and he is correct in my view. The decline of the family is to our demise, or put another way, our straying from God’s intent and design is to our demise. No fiscal solution can correct that, and that is what guys like Romney and the establisment seem to think is our central issue, it is an issue for sure, but it stems from cultural rot, which is the root of our demise. We must strengthen the foundation to survive, and that is faith and family, and protection of human life in all forms. That is where I’m confident Santorum gets it, not because of what he says, but because of what he has personally done.

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