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Luxury Ship Catastrophe: A Tragedy with more lessons to learn than just Safety at Sea.

Posted by mrfixit on January 15, 2012

In this story there is much you should note, not only about the very real and continued risks in life, that no matter how sophisticated and technologically advanced Mankind thinks he has become, the dangers of the world continue to be ever-present.

We ignore risks at our own peril.  (I’m not saying the passengers were responsible, they are clearly VICTIMS here).

Further when we assume others will take care of all things for us and live ignorantly blissful of risks, we then open ourselves up to greater risk and peril.

When we as a society think we can have ever-increasing abundance, with ever decreasing creation of value by living on massive debt, we then also fool ourselves and we are like passengers on a ship in extreme danger with our elected leaders telling us it is only a minor glitch that is all under control… but it is NOT and they KNOW it.

In this story you’ll see all of this.  A ship that is in grave danger, an announcement to keep the masses calm-an announcement that was clearly a lie.

You’ll see a crew member that knew of the danger, wearing his life jacket, but then refusing to warn others (likely on orders from the Captain or other crew leaders).

Then you’ll see the disaster and the Captain who left the scene thinking it was OK and somehow that he had done enough.

This is what is happening RIGHT now with the world’s economic system.  You don’t have an easy way out either, they don’t tell you of the danger, but those that do know are preparing lifeboats while leaving you OUT, telling you nothing, or that it is OK, maybe worse, they are telling you of a false recovery!

Prepare, Prepare NOW.  Get informed and educated and build your own life boat to weather the storms ahead, there is NO EASY WAY OUT.



Here is another, and there will be more, this is really bad, but are your Nation’s leaders really any better than this Captain?



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