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Anti-Religion Video gets over 11 Million views in about 4 Days…Why?

Posted by mrfixit on January 15, 2012

Some of what he says is correct; some is slanted and biased by his own worldview…


There is some good message in this, but some bad as well.  Ironically while besmirching false prophets, this guy is doing a bit of this as well.  There is a quote in the blaze that sums this up pretty well:

“It’s cool to be pissed at “religion” when you’re 20. I get it (though I can’t say I ever went through this phase). And then, as you age, you realize something: Religion is simply the social and psychological framework by which human beings organize their experience of the Divine…And it’s not bad that we do this. It is, Mr. Bethke, inevitable.”

The danger in a blanket anti-religion piece is it gives justification to many to go it alone and be SELF justified on their own terms, of course ignoring the LAW part of God’s word.  This too is dangerous, as is those that attempt to use the LAW only, or to proclaim self-righteous status by membership in an organization of any kind.

Then I might wonder, if Jesus so HATED “Religion”, then why he did PERFECTLY follow the LAW in the Old Testament of the Bible…

Where this guy is likely ticked off at “Religion” is that far too many “believers” are real hypocrites.  OK, that is and always will be and always has been, but that does not mean an organization based on faith is totally corrupt and useless either.

I also take issue with the “Religion” starting wars mantra.  When religion is corrupted by man to further pursuit of political power, it is bad, but that is not typically the Religion, that is sinful Man’s corruption that exists with or without so called “religion”.  (The exception to this might be Islam, which DOES advocate for violent aggressive actions against infidels, it is also a political system).

This kind of attitude is in itself missing a larger context, I would agree if your “religion” is setting its own rules and strained interpretations of the scriptures, then it may well be too far gone to salvage, but that is not always the case.

It is most important to have a personal sincere relationship with God, and that means Jesus for a Christian, the organization of a good church is to assist that INDIVIDUAL effort, not substitute for it.

It is true you can’t earn it, you don’t deserve it, it is Grace and Christ’s sacrifice in our place which saves us, but from this faith we produce good works, and a good church may well be one such result from this faith…

Faith without resulting “fruits” of that faith is dead.  Just as good works without faith is not a road to salvation.

I guess I could just say it is far too complex to ever fit in a 4 minute YouTube Video!  It takes an ongoing lifelong effort to even try to appreciate and understand the depths of God’s love that he’d save us sinners by sacrificing his perfect son.  This is truly beyond human comprehension!

So to answer the question: This is popular because sinners have corrupted even many churches, and as such driven people away!  Then there is some real truth and meaning in the message.  Add the ever present rebellion of authority of the younger generation, and some original sin (attempting to have the knowledge of God) and you have a YouTube hit!  (And there is marketing associated with this YouTube video, so what is that all about?)

I long ago noted that ALL have a religion of sorts, because all believe in something!  Even the Atheist.  It is not the faith that is at fault, it is what people will do to others in selfish pursuit of power that is the problem, and that is why we say “sinful” man!

Here is an earlier post on that:


MORE: Add to my thoughts this story about people not getting positive benefit from Church and it further makes my concern more relevent:


Ironically this effort was foretold, in the Bible!  So, to a believer they should have reason to strengthen their faith.

I’ll add a bit more in another post when I get a chance, because recently I did some study on one of he big Church organizations and found some things in there that might better explain why church is not working for many.  They may well be at a church that is not teaching God’s laws, but rather the political and cultural popular themes of the day, and when this is done, it is expected they will not have a meaningful experience in such Churches, think Jeremiah Wright and his anti-American, racist rants in a so call Church, and that is not an isolated case.



2 Responses to “Anti-Religion Video gets over 11 Million views in about 4 Days…Why?”

  1. Dave Dahlke said

    “Religion puts you in bondage while Jesus sets you free

    Religion makes you blind, but Jesus makes you see

    And that’s why religion and Jesus are two different clans”

    Makes me wonder how he came to know Jesus. Was it his own intellect that led him to know Jesus or was it thru a “religion” that performed his baptism? If it wasn’t for “religion” there would not be a concerted effort in mission work and therefore many many people who would not have heard or come to faith in Jesus.

    You are correct when you say that this “anti-religion” will give many a reason to shun a church. Many who watch this and are weak of faith will feel vindicated for their way of life and fall into Satan’s trap. I believe this video will do more harm than good. Sad.

    • mrfixit said

      Exactly, my best advisor made an excellent point that is similar to yours. Without the well-studied pastors who devote lives to deep study and understanding of the Bible, the Bible when read without historical understanding and full context can put many out of the faith. The Church when properly organized is the way to bring people to faith and salvation. This it seems was what Jesus did also, he gave it proper context. People don’t just come to know him by accident; it is from other people of faith, who almost exclusively get that from a Church. I count myself as an example of how it can work.
      I’d also add that some might even think Church is good, but it’s just not for them, because they feel they are good and don’t need it. In reality, with that view, they need it the MOST, but just don’t know it!
      Certainly Jesus was not against a “congregation” or preaching. He did it by his own example, and he had 12 disciples.
      I don’t think this video helps as much as it may harm, still there is some truth in there, but with all powerful deceptions, there is some truth, but the larger picture is what matters.
      If the guy was to be more specific, then he may well have a point, but to attack religion generally is too broad. As with all in a sinful world, nothing has been perfect since Christ. We can at best TRY, and pray for forgiveness of our inevitable sins, Churches and “Religion” included.

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