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Why is the Federal Government demanding personal data under the guise of the USDA?

Posted by mrfixit on January 8, 2012

Something is NOT right here, I DON’T farm, and my property is not even in a farming area, and yet I and others in similar situations get this survey from the USDA telling us we are somehow required by law to respond!?

For some reason it is important for them to know about the Race and gender of farm operators, contractors hired, bees, number of chicken, hogs, horses, goats, cattle, greenhouses, you name it they want all the data, and for WHAT purpose do they need this I might ask?

Worse than that, the first 4 questions seem to offer no viable way to say no to all 4, because it cites “potential for agriculture production” on your land, and I guess if you have some land, it ALWAYS has potential!

What if you said NO to all four, but later were told you are a liar?  It says to write a note and return, OK, but do I trust them, and why did I get this in the first place?

Here is a copy of the form, with personal information removed:

2012 USDA AG Survey




5 Responses to “Why is the Federal Government demanding personal data under the guise of the USDA?”

  1. Dave Dahlke said

    Got mine in the mail today. Here is some blog comments on it:




  2. slave2liberty said

    fyi – this isn’t about minorities as much as it is about a right to privacy. I for one, am not a minority and received the same demand letter from the USDA. Secondly, how is it that they “identified” me as someone who may have “some” agricultural activity?

    Stinks to high heaven, if you ask me. I do NOT have a farm, and never have, so what braniac over has come to this conclusion?

    • mrfixit said

      My concern is this is part of Agenda 21 in some way. We know the use of land is clearly targeted by the progessive. They hate private property (except they’d give themselves exemptions of course). If they want master planning, an essential step is solid data and metrics, as well as ways to target the preferred winners and losers to redistribute wealth. So this clearly fits that agenda! Technically, I’m not a “minority” other than being an individual, and in that we are ALL each our own minority!

  3. slave2liberty said

    In my haste to respond to your post, it never occurred to me that this isn’t a site dedicated to “minorities” of the politically-parsed type. As i begin to dig around, i see that we actually share some common concerns about the state of the union.

    • mrfixit said

      You are correct, it is a clever play on words to invoke real thought. The real minority that needs protection, is and always will be the individual, and our Declaration of Independance made this very clear. Your user name is also good, in a similar fashion!

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