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The Corruption of America

Posted by mrfixit on January 8, 2012

I’ve been studying and commenting on this kind of thing for some time now.  I’m always amazed to find new information that is often not really new, but for some reason no one knows, and I’m not talking conspiracy stuff, I’m talking outrageous stuff, out in the open, and verifiable but for some reason mostly ignored.

I’m going to post the full scanned copy of the December 2011 Stansberry’s Investment Advisory from one guy who has much more time studying this than I, and a guy that if I had known and followed back in my meager early days in small investing would have made me far more wealthy that I am now.  He is almost always right, because he has no political agenda it seems and is willing to accept the truth, and more importantly he is willing to SAY it.

He gave permission in this newsletter to copy and distribute, and if you read it you’ll better understand why.

If there is just ONE of my posts to read out of over 300, this document is the first one I’d recommend, because it rolls in most of what I’ve done in over 300 posts, in only 15 pages.

Here it is:

The Corruption of America


If that peaks your interest, here are some additional links that will further enlighten to our situation:




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