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Infiltration Continues, to our demise as a Freedom Based Society…

Posted by mrfixit on December 28, 2011

I have been unable to keep up with all of it, but here are two posts from blogs I found that have been trying to keep up.

Check these out, and if you are so inclined sign up for the e-mail updates.  You’ll be amazed and shocked at the detail and volume of information they provide.






4 Responses to “Infiltration Continues, to our demise as a Freedom Based Society…”

  1. Dave Dahlke said

    I have read about both of these situations. It is tragic what this nation is allowing and supporting in the demise of what was known as the United States of America..

  2. Dave Dahlke said

    By the way, here is what is happening to our military also:


    • mrfixit said

      Yes I saw that one as well, and this is just the beginning. It is not about tolerance they are pushing to force acceptance and if we refuse we get labeled bigots, and it won’t stop here, they want pedophiles looked at as normal, and all sorts of deviancy. Why people can’t accept the obvious design intent of the human body is beyond me, but maybe not, since they refuse to acknowledge a creator in the first place! There we have it, just like the good book tells us, those that refuse to acknowledge the creator will make themselves fools of their own arrogance and the evidence is overwhelming when one looks at the “fruit”” of their efforts and lifestyles… Disease, broken families, emotional distress, suicide, all matters of mental illness and medication follows when people deny the creator, our God. And they’d be so arrogant to also dismiss this comment as many before it, even while further making the point clear.
      I wish it did not have to be this way, but we’ve been warned, and I’m happy to at least have figured this out, and we’ve been told of what to expect, and it is playing out just as predicted, further proving the prophecy, and even still the ignorant refuse to open their eyes as they lunge headlong into eternal damnation, and somehow we are to be condemned for pointing this out trying to save people…
      Just as predicted, good will be labeled evil, and evil good. We are there more and more everyday…

  3. Dave Dahlke said

    Mike, you are so right. If I wasn’t a Christian I would be so depressed. But like you say, the handwriting is in God’s Word and by believing it I live in the hope of a heavenly home.

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