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Marine Vet Injured at OWS Oakland dishonored the Corps, and actually seems to hate the USMC as well!

Posted by mrfixit on October 28, 2011

No surprise the effort to scrub the web has begun, but this was a one enlistment only Marine that did computer work, not at the front lines of course, and one that created a website for hating the USMC!


Not to mention his actions of being part of a crowd that did not follow lawful police orders, and his wearing of uniform parts all don’t add up to a good marine.

More propaganda from the OWS organizers who are going to prop this guy up as a martyr, but it is he that dishonored his fellow Marines, and as such deserves little sympathy, though I do still hope he recovers from his wound and learns the errors of his ways.

2 Responses to “Marine Vet Injured at OWS Oakland dishonored the Corps, and actually seems to hate the USMC as well!”

  1. Darrell said


    • mrfixit said

      Darrell, what is the point of your comment?

      As it turns out, he was a Marine, but left the corps on not such good terms and started an “I hate the USMC” website. Interesting that he choose to represent as a Marine, all staged to get the reaction. I would not be surprised if it was another ocupier that caused his injury, just so they could blame the Police. They’ve been working for their “Kent State” moment, and it is not above these types to create it if needed.

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