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What is Going on? Can it all be coincidence, or is this something long ago predicted…

Posted by mrfixit on September 20, 2011

Well, to some this will cause alarm, some will ignore it, and others will not be surprised.

For me, I’m not surprised.  The actions and results in the last 3 years make the case, no need for the analysis of this youtube video, but judge it for yourself:


I don’t vouch for the accuracy, and I think some of this is a clearly a stretch, but I did verify the Zip Code of 60606 is accurate, and that the birth date in Julian calendar of 216 is 6X6X6, after that, I had no interest to look further.

By the way, there is mention of a head wound in revelations, I don’t recall that in this video, but there are strange scars that seem to fit, and I don’t really need to know more.  I won’t dwell on it either, we each individually need to do our own research.


For those that choose to not believe in God, OK, that is your right, but consider the stack coincidences…

For those that do believe in God, then you must believe also in the enemy of God as well, virtually every belief system with a  God, has the version of an evil foe, so if there is one, how does he do his works?

The greatest deception of the Devil was to deceive people to think he did not exist…

Make up your own mind of this.


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