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A Federal Government Employee Union Supports anti-government oriented agenda!

Posted by mrfixit on September 1, 2011

Here is the body text of the e-mail:

XXXXX Local 12 would like to sponsor two people to attend the “Next Up Young Workers Summit being held in Minneapolis, MN, Sept. 29 – Oct. 2, 2011 sponsored by the AFL-CIO”.

Young people are making a difference all across the globe-from Egypt to Wisconsin. It’s no wonder with unemployment at an all-time high, jobs being scarce, growing debt and attacks on workers’ rights, that young people are mobilizing for social and economic justice. Lend your skills and talents to this growing drumbeat for change by joining the AFL-CIO and hundreds of young workers, activists and leaders in Minneapolis for the second annual Next Up Young Workers Summit, Sept. 29-Oct. 2, 2011.  (See attachment for the agenda).

Take part in:

A creative, dynamic summit designed for young workers, by young workers.

Hands-on, movement-building workshops on organizing, young worker activism, social media, leadership development and more.

Plenary discussions with expert speakers on policy and legislative issues affecting young workers.

Community Service Projects to give back to the city of Minneapolis.

A local campaign action for justice.


Together, we can build a 21st century economy that works for everyone, especially young workers.

This is an opportunity for those of you who are new to union membership, to attend a conference with other young workers from all around the country.  Travel expenses will be covered by XXXXX Local 12 in accordance with the JTR per diem travel allowance.

A maximum 16 hours of annual leave will be required to cover your time with travel day Sept. 29th.  A morning non-stop flight will get you there mid-afternoon.

If you are interested, send your reply to XXXX XXXXX and YYYYY YYYYYY via email by Tuesday, Sept. 6th.  The selection will be made randomly. ( e.g. Names in a Hat “)

(Names withheld, for now, more will follow).

Here is the attachment: nextup_agenda2

Note the ISO themed clenched fist found often during the unruly protests against the legally elected and sustained legislators and Governor of WI.

Make no mistake, this is about a new order, a collectivist, socialist/communist order, which is not compatible with the US Constitution, to which the represented employees have supposedly taken an oath to uphold and defend against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC.

One Response to “A Federal Government Employee Union Supports anti-government oriented agenda!”

  1. In the flyer they have this:

    3. Attacks on Voting: “A Threat to American Democracy”
    2011 has seen a disturbing increase in state legislation imposing severe restrictions on voting. Over the past year, numerous states have passed oppressive photo identification, citizenship and other restrictive voting laws with the singular purpose of disenfranchising certain voters. Under the guise of preventing voter fraud, GOP lawmakers have implemented the most restrictive voting laws in recent history. Impediments to voting rights cause massive disenfranchisement and voter suppression, threatening our democracy. This plenary will discuss the challenges facing voters under the new laws, what can be done to educate voters about the changes, and the mobilization efforts necessary to get voters to the polls across the country in 2012.

    What a load of BS. Reducing voter fraud is PROTECTING the Repubic not a threat to it (no surprise they don’t even know what our form of government is). I would include names because at this point, it’s war. Perhaps knowing their names are out there they will be less inclined on open support and continued misuse of government resources. But, that could just be wishful thinking too.

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