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Destruction of the US Military, from within.

Posted by mrfixit on August 18, 2011

I’ve been noticing this for some time, but like most, I’ve been reluctant to tie it all together.

To be honest there are many times I wish I could unlearn some things and be more blissfully ignorant, but it just can’t and won’t happen.

So how can I come to find that there is an agenda to destroy the military?

And then WHY is this not major news?

Ok, so let me take this a step at a time.

Since this is happening from within, you have to realize most who participate in the efforts are completely unaware of the big picture.  In fact, many think the various agenda’s being advanced are IMPROVING the military.

How can this be?  How can we have people unaware, or who have a view 180 degrees from reality?

Well, WHO controls the information?  How many people question the official story, and take no effort to look into the details and form an independent opinion?  VERY FEW.

It is not out of pure laziness, although a likely factor in many cases, it is actually more than that.
Most people are not interested, or are just too busy, so they accept the official summary without a second thought.

When someone comes along and connects the dots, trying to explain the larger agenda, the natural reaction is to assume that person is a kook, a conspiracy nut or something of that nature, and thus most just ignore it.

Wouldn’t that be just so convenient for those who might want power and control over others, even those that really don’t like American culture and American power?

Now sure we don’t want to think that we have those amongst us that would create destruction of our system ON PURPOSE, but think about it for awhile…

Did we have people spit on soldiers returning from Vietnam? – YES.

Did we have those who would protest FUNERALS of US Soldiers today? – YES.

Have we had collectivists, socialists, communists, who have espoused plans of infiltration of the system with the purposes of fundamentally changing into to suit their desires? – YES.

So why is it outrageous to think that some of those types now occupy powerful positions within our government?  Wouldn’t it be MORE unlikely that by now we did not have some of those types in place working to change the system?

OK, so if that changes your perspective a bit, then consider HOW they could get it done?  Obviously coming out and saying you want to destroy the “system” is not likely to make it effective, you have to operate in the open, but with intentions that seem noble, but with results that achieve the objective.

So, good intentions, with destructive outcomes…  Hmm, sound familiar?  Like War on Poverty…  But I digress.

So what good intentions can you use to hide a destructive agenda?

Here are some ideas:


Equality for Women

Open Service for Homosexuals, couched as “human rights”

Nation Building

Meals on Wheels and Military becoming a Red Cross like organization.

OK, so you see those all sound good, and who can be against such great things?  And if you dare to analyze the data and find a way to show the destruction that comes, well you will be labeled a hater, a bigot or worse, so people just accept it and don’t fight it, but to our demise.

So let us take it one at a time.


Well, we are a nation that has always been diverse, and with it we have become strong and powerful, so clearly that diversity does not by itself hold us back, but is it our divisions that make us strong?  Is it the FOCUS on differences that make strength?  Well, obviously, NO!  So maybe it is not our “diversity” that makes us strong, but the ability to BE from diversity, to sharing COMMON goals and dreams and uniting as AMERICANS!
Yes, it is our ability to share some common principles, like respect for individual rights, that is what has made us strong, not Diversity.

Commonly the “diversity” mantra is used as a thinly veiled cover to impose what amounts to hiring quotas and other forms of racism, clearly racism has NOT made us strong, quite the opposite.

And Racism is either holding back or PROMOTING on the account of race.  In one direction the assumption of inferiority, and in the other oddly the same assumption of inferiority such that a preference is somehow needed to even the playing field, in BOTH cases the same racist point of view.

Equality for Women:  

Now here is one that really is hard to come out and oppose, but what is really going on with the so-called push for equality, and is it really EQUALITY that is the goal?

OK, well equality before the law, good, we should seek that for ALL humans, regardless of any other factor, the individual and the law, with EQUAL application.  But does that mean men and women are physically equal?  That would be IMPOSSIBLE, men are men, and women are women (OK, even that has been blurred by some, but in TINY numbers!).

So does it mean that men and women can serve in each and every occupation in exactly the same way?


If you have a job which requires physical strength, well women are at a disadvantage in almost every case, and we hold a separate standard, so it is NOT equal.  If you are a male firefighter expected to carry a 200 lb man out of a building, but we accept 100 lbs for a woman… Well that could be a fatal situation if you are an unconscious person over 100 lbs, and not because the female firefighter wanted it that way, but because we accepted a lower standard.

Then in the military and other places, we offer women special time off for pregnancy, and yes this seems to be a necessity, but if we do not permit time off for self-inflicted medical conditions for men, then again it is NOT equal.  A woman can be assigned to a ship, get pregnant and be sent ashore, no repercussions, and have 1 year post birth ashore, while a man who intentionally becomes medically not ready is subject to punishment under the UCMJ.

I have to ask the question?
Why can’t we just simply say to women to NOT get pregnant while on sea duty or in a combat zone?  We CAN say that, but when it was tried, some feminist politicians went berserk, so it is NOT about equality.

Clearly this is NOT equal, but it will result in deep resentment and seriously harm readiness and cohesion.  So while the intent sounds great the results are a disaster.

Open Service for Homosexuals:

Well it sounds so great, those who have honorably served, who later come out as homosexuals, OK, that is great, but they kept it discrete or abstain from the behavior while serving, then there is no reason anyone has to care, and as it turns out that is exactly how it was in the vast majority of cases, even those pushing the open service agenda used this point to say it would not be an issue, but when it will no longer be required to be kept private or discrete:  That changes the equation.

The new policy will permit OPEN service, but also require that heterosexuals be forced to share berthing and accommodations with them, they have no option to request separation that must be accommodated, but we still accommodate separation of men and women, why?

You see this push will have the OPPOSITE effect of the advertised intention.  The discretion and abstinence that afforded service of Gays with apparent success will be gone, now it will be much different.  Now there will be deep resentment, and tension.

So while the intentions were for “rights” the result is a disaster for the intended recipient of those rights, and more importantly the US Military that suffers from this new stress creating policy.

Nation Building:

This is a real feel good one, and we did this with success following World War 2, so it has to be good, right?

Yes, IF done the same way, but it is NOT.  In World War 2 we re-built societies that had been decimated, infrastructure was wiped out and destroyed, in nations that had infrastructure before.

The population was largely grateful for the generosity of the former foes, and it seeded a long peace.

So why is it so difficult to do this in Iraq and Afghanistan?  Well, many reasons, but we should start with the fact the enemy was never fully brought to its knees in these places, like Japan and Germany were following World War 2, and next, infrastructure was largely not pre-existing.

So we are taking a resistant, largely defiant population and trying to create an order which largely did not exist previously.  To the extent that it has shown more success in Iraq is due to the fact it had more infrastructure previously, and that the population is more educated there, but still it has been slow because the enemy was not brought to a punishing undeniable defeat, at least not on a large-scale, and this enemy is not a massive organized army anyway, so much is different.

In Afghanistan, it is tribal, primitive, and decentralized, pretty much we are trying to create what never was, with a people that don’t even like each other, so obviously not us either!

Don’t get me wrong, I think we needed to act post 9/11, and we did, but what we are doing now is not making much sense and seems to be more like the Weather Underground plan to break the US Military by bogging it down in multiple Vietnam like conflicts.

The strategy should be to take off the gloves, strike a massive victory to deal a punishing defeat of the enemy, then rebuild from there, but we don’t have the will to do that, so we are in a quagmire.

Meals on Wheels and like the Red Cross:

This is definitely feel good, we all should support charity.  But is it charity if paid for by taxpayers who have no choice and then provide free medical care to others when they can’t afford the same care for their own family?  More accurately when they are out of work and asking for help at home, then at the same time we are providing free care at taxpayer expense overseas?

We do this; the USN has a hospital ship that has travelled to countries to provide free care to people in other countries, while we are rationing care here at home to our own citizens…  That changes the feel good a bit.

So while we cut vital defense programs that will be needed in future conflicts, and provide care to non-taxpayers, we are neglecting our own…

Again I’m all for charity, but this is nor charity, and it is not really possible to continue to be charitable as a nation when the engine that creates wealth is being destroyed at the same time.  It is not long before the military can’t provide defense or take care of its own…

And that leads to the latest attempt to save money be destruction of the retirement program…  I’ve been warning something like this was coming, and here it is.


What kind of damage will this do?  Well it seems near unanimous by military and veterans groups that this idea will be a disaster, but how much do you want to bet some form of this becomes reality?


Folks this all adds up to a pattern of policies that are destroying the US Military, and that is just too much to be coincidence.

And it does not stop there, with a weakened military, and economy, what is left of the US? – It would then seem primed for “fundamental change”, and I seem to recall someone stating that as an objective…

So is it really and accident, or part of a clear plan that is going down with little resistance, except the now constantly demonized Tea Party!

It is not in the news, for the same reasons that the fact we have a President that was raised as a marxist/communist, and who has many unknowns and questionable history which was also not in the news…  The news is to support a particular agenda… the same agenda that gains by permitting this destruction to continue…

Stand up and get educated and speak against this destruction.
Your future prosperity and FREEDOM is on the line…

Background material from previous posts:



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4 Responses to “Destruction of the US Military, from within.”

  1. Cris said

    Think…..The Dream act……State of the Union Address Pres. Obama calls for allowing ROTC on college campuses. Then like you have pointed out his last problem being the Military. Couple that with the other info you have provided, Now read this report: Foreign Fighters, Sovereignty, and Counter-Terrorism: Selected Essays by THE FOREIGN POLICY RESEARCH INSTITUTE


  2. Ken Shaw said

    Dear Sir: Very profound insight and understanding in what at the very least seemingly appears to be in fact happening. This Obama fellow through himself and his cohorts or partners in crime are definitely involved in the systematic destruction of our country and the very foundation upon which it was built. Don’t have a website yet, but I have a lot to say about a lot of things that are not right and the wrong direction that this great country of ours is heading, including the wrong headed leadership in our nation, and its not just germane to the Democratic Party. The Republican Party has their share of undesirables, just not as many.

    • mrfixit said

      Ken, Thanks for the comment. Feel free to chime in and share anything you have on any one of my many comments as you wish. If you do start a website, let me know I’ll add it to my list if it helps further the dissemination of information.

      As you can probably figure out, I have solid sources for information, but I’m always open to new sources and additional information.

      You are correct that the problem is not isolated to one party, even if more concentrated in one than the other. These people use infiltration as a method to further their warped worldview.

      There are too many lies and distortions out there, that and too many willing to live in ignorant bliss, not even willing to learn what information is readily available.
      This must, and will change, it is inevitable. I only wish sooner than later, to minimize the destruction that will come as it starts coming apart.

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