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Think about this one for a while… Did the founders write the Constitution to permit this kind of tyranny? – I think the answer is an obvious one.

Posted by mrfixit on August 3, 2011

Woman faces over $500 in fines, ordered to court, and possible 1 year in prison, because her daughter saved a woodpecker from the family cat!


You just can’t make this stuff up!

Folks, this is what it has come to, and I warn you this is not a completely isolated incident, you can bet for each one of these that gets national attention, there are many, many more examples of over reach by various levels of government that go on unnoticed.

Just to cite a local example, I’d encourage you to review the bogus case against the Kitsap Rifle and Revolver Club that has now led to proposed county ordinance that would be a step toward shutting down all ranges in the county, and I can go on for pages explaining why and how.

The County at the expense of the taxpayer hires what appears to be an obvious anti-gun hack “expert” to make the bogus safety improvement claim, and his calculations do not make any sense at all, and this has been building up for years!


WE THE PEOPLE are supposed to select representatives to protect our rights, not tyrants to trample upon our rights, but if we are too ignorant, or too complacent, well we get what we have.

Many complain, few act.
DON’T be one of those, do something and get started NOW.


Then add this story for more food for thought:

HONEST Border Patrol agent, whistleblower, refuses overtime pay for performing no work.  What about the other 39 agents, you can bet they took the OT and said nothing, how is this guy’s work environment going to be now?



2 Responses to “Think about this one for a while… Did the founders write the Constitution to permit this kind of tyranny? – I think the answer is an obvious one.”

  1. yeomalt said

    Thank you for including Olympic Peninsula Border Patrol issues here.

    I have followed this story since suspicionless checkpoints began on the Peninsula in 2008.

    Here is the basic timeline:

    2006- Staffing level at USBP Port Angeles station is 4 agents.

    2008- Checkpoints begin- then end after local complaints and protests.

    Aug 2010- US Border Patrol dictates a news blackout on local arrests while moving to establish a 50 agent station at Port Angeles.

    March 2011- Local paper submits FOIA request for USBP arrest numbers to justify new 50 agent station. FOIA request denied. FOIA appeal denied.

    March 2011- 30 day public comment period for 50 agent station project. Public comments have never been released, published or discussed- project has moved forward.

    Aug 2011- Agent Sanchez reports USBP staffing level is now 40 agents.

    Background and news links here:


    • mrfixit said

      Good information! Thanks for sharing, clearly there is something that is just not right here… and this is a pattern that seems to be in play in many other circumstances as well. It is time for people to start paying attention and start asking serious questions, and getting involved in the process.
      We can’t just assume all will be well, if no one is watching, clearly history has shown liberty requires eternal vigilance from and engaged citizenry.

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