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The Debt Deal was a Trojan Horse, NOT a Tea Party victory

Posted by mrfixit on August 3, 2011

Folks the elites have again shafted the public, and they continue to paint a completely fabricated narrative that fits the agenda of having them hold on to power, and the GOP went along with it, except the Tea Party Conservatives.

This deal does not prevent a collapse, in fact I’m not even sure it delays a collapse.

If your friend was in huge debt, on the verge of bankruptcy, because no one considered it possible that he could ever repay his current debts, then finally someone comes in and says they will grant another loan, is your friend really better off?

What if your friend granted a loan from his empty left pocket, to his empty right pocket, but filled the right pocket with cash he printed on his printer, but which had no real value?

Would this save your friend?
Obviously NOT, and guess what, it won’t save Uncle Sam either.

This whole debate was a set up, some predicted EXACTLY this outcome many months ago, I recall one voice in particular, Glenn Beck.

And so it happened, but mark this warning down: This deal was a Trojan Horse.  The LEFT has been working to fundamentally transform the “system” for decades, and they’ve made it no secret that the way to do this was to collapse it by placing impossible burdens upon it, forcing chaos and despair, and they plan to do this covertly, then come along as the saviors with a plan to recover us.  The big problem is that their fix is to make us a “system” which denies the fundamental concept that made us great:

You see their system is always about the collective, and the collective is ruled over by the elite.  The elites don’t wallow in the misery of the masses, and as such have no qualms about squelching your opportunities to attain wealth, they have theirs.  Note they always advocate for more taxes, even supposedly upon themselves, but they take every tax break and loophole possible to lower what they pay, if they were serious, why not just volunteer to pay more?  — They never will, because it is not about money, it is about POWER, the power to TAKE yours first, they will find a way to be protected, but not you.

Folks this is a growing tyranny, and it is not so different from the tyranny that led to the Declaration of Independence.

Why do people continue to live in blissful ignorance and sit on the sidelines while this happens?

Here is the roll call, so you can see who on our side fell for the trap, and sadly some I really respect are amongst those, even Allen West.  The power of the establishment is strong, they have succeeded in pulling some of our fighters over, at least on this one.  We need those that WILL stand on principle, no matter the pressure, and those in the GOP that voted against this are the real heroes here, not those that fell for the trap.


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One more note… If you don’t understand what “Compromise” means to the political enemies of the US Constitution, then you need to read Saul Alinsky and what HE says in RULES FOR RADICALS. He embraces compromise, because they get 10% today, 10% next time and so on until they get ALL of what they want. There should be NO compromise on constitutionally limited Government! NO COMPROMISE! That is a violation of the Oath of Office, and that is what has brought us to the brink of national suicide!

The house did pass a Compromise with Cut, Cap and Balance, but the Senate did not even DEBATE it!  They should have left it at that and FORCE the other side to debate that compromise, not accept a defeat, which is what we got.
This is about continuing the “fundamental transformation” which is to implode our “system” by collapsing the economy, and it is going to happen,  we are already technically bankrupt, our rising enemies know this and loan to us to gain power over us, and we continue to let this happen.  WAKE UP PEOPLE!


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