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Let us not forget, the Progressive Democrats intentionally worked to “collapse the system”. The debt limit debate was those trying to SAVE the “system” on one side, and those who want to collapse it on the other.

Posted by mrfixit on July 30, 2011

And since the President has veto, and the Senate would not even DEBATE either of two proposals sent them from the house, it is clear which side WANTS to collapse the system, and that should be no surprise to regular readers of this blog.

The left long ago set this plan in motion, collapse the system by placing too many demands on the taxpayer.  Grow the Government and dependency to epic levels and keep that going until it all collapsed, and from the ashes build a “fundamentally transformed” system instead.

And we are on the verge of collapse, with some indications it has started.

So, NO matter what reasonable plan that came from the House, the Progressive Democrats would block it, their plans are on schedule and they know it.  Letting the system implode is EXACTLY the plan, and they are in positions to be protected from the consequences, but NOT you.

Here is a summary of the events that clearly shows which side had NO interest in compromise, and higher taxes was a ploy to further the collapse by taxation, should the GOP have been foolish enough to enter that trap, and I’m proud to say they DID show some spine for a change, may they continue to do so.

The collapse is all on Obama and his minions Pelosi and Reid, let us not forget this and let us spread the word.  Do not forget this was their plan, they did it on purpose!


Here are some of my many previous posts discussing their plan to “collapse the system”:


and one that discusses Cloward and Piven with sources, this is NOT by accident, the collapse is on purpose:


6 Responses to “Let us not forget, the Progressive Democrats intentionally worked to “collapse the system”. The debt limit debate was those trying to SAVE the “system” on one side, and those who want to collapse it on the other.”

  1. Dave Dahlke said

    This debt ceiling debate is all about election 2012 and I have to believe what Rush Limbaugh said about this debacle:


    I may be called a radical for saying this, but I believe the Left is unAmerican. Their actions prove it.

    • mrfixit said

      More concisely it is about power. They will do anything to get it, hold it and expand it. I’d say if they time came they thought Obama could not win, they’d throw him out with a primary challenge, and it has already been suggested.

      Rush makes a good point here, I still thing the second bill was not needed, they should hammer the point that they did base cut, cap and balance and the Senate would not even debate it, It was a trap to get the gang of 6 working,becasue they used that announcment to cloud our the passage of the cut, cap and balance in the house.

      This is all about power, and I think they know the damage they do, but it doesn’t hurt the elite who created it, it is how they gain power.

      The collapse they are causing is on purpose, they think they can blame those trying to stop the collapse they created and get the public to give them more power to fix the crisis they created.

      So on the debt cieling, they have created a situation that leads to ineveitable chaos, whether it is rasised or not, so they are just playing the PR game knowing full well it is all for show, the momentum for a day of reckoning on the wreckless spending and debt is coming, it is just a matter of time now.

      • Dave Dahlke said

        So who will get blamed for the coming chaos? With the mainstream media supporting obama, reid and gang it is going to be a tough road to hold for the GOP.

        Just like the nightly news tonight, they put on Admiral Mullens telling the troops in Afghanistan they might not get paychecks. Sounds like the military heirarchy is climbing aboard the obama wagon to nowhere. The prime purpose of government is to support the military and if they ever hold back paychecks on them there will be an uprising.

      • mrfixit said

        The “deal” was a Trojan Horse. It was a trap for the Republicans, they foolishly think they scored a victory, and the progressives are out there saying that, so you know it is a lie, they always lie.

        They are saying they did it under duress to save us, but that hate it, it was a bad deal, but because of the Tea Party they had no choice, this is a set up, because then know enough damage has been done already, the collapse is basically inevitable, in fact it may already be well underway and accelerating, so they will now say it was this deal that did it, and the Democrats will say they warned us, they had no choice, and the fools in the GOP are out there saying they had a victory! They did not, they are FOOLS!

        It is going down with Obama leading the way, because that is the PLAN, and the GOP just walked right into the trap that was set to label them as being at fault!! Glenn Beck predicted exactly this outcome at the end of last year, and it is exactly how the 2011 budget was crammed through.

        If the public are foolish and fall for it all we are doomed, and that is the only way to stop this is to inform people and spread the truth, hoping it becomes an epidemic of truth in time to RECOVER from this, because I feel the collapse is now a near certain outcome. God please help us. That is our only hope, but in truth that has always been our only hope, and as many have rejected God, we now see the results…

  2. Dave Dahlke said

    I don’t believe a FY 2011 budget was ever passed.


    I also believe that Rubio’s speech on the Senate floor concerning the debt raising issue confirms this. With no budget the president just keeps on spending. Nothing reins him in.

  3. […] Posts Let us not forget, the Progressive Democrats intentionally worked to “collapse the system”. The …Economic Terrorists (SEIU) Plot to Collapse the US Economic System to Regain Collectivist Power! […]

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