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Too much money, not enough common sense… How does this happen?

Posted by mrfixit on July 28, 2011

I don’t need to comment on this one, but you’ll see where the title came from when you read it.


(Low speed car wreck of 4 very expensive cars in Europe, just in case the link becomes inactive).

For us little people, we can’t comprehend spending this kind of money, then being this devoid of any common sense, but these people do exist!

IF we allowed the free market to really work, this would not be common, because those that got money they could not earn or keep would lose it naturally, and those who could earn it and use it wisely would rise naturally.

One of the perpetual problems in Europe is that they have classes that are near permanent.  You are what you were born into, little chance of going up or down, and that was once NOT the case in the US, but it is becoming that way.

Freedom to thrive MUST be coupled with freedom to fail.   Otherwise we impose tyranny on the citizens to cover the mistakes of the wealthy, who face no consequences for their mistakes and outrageous risks.

This is called New American Socialism, and I’ll go into more detail in a post later, but it is basically the private profit coupled with risks that are covered by the public, making a permanent wealthy government/big business elite who feed off the society to cover the failures they create.  Sound familiar?

It is not Capitalism or freedom any more, and it is not pure socialism either.  It is a new variant, with similar patterns to systems of old.


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