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DADT is not even fully repealed (officially anyway) and the calls for special recruitment efforts for Gays has already begun!

Posted by mrfixit on July 28, 2011

See I told you so, it is not about EQUALITY, and it is about getting special privilege.

I say officially, because I previously pointed out that internal traffic has already made a repeal a functional reality, screw the will of Congress with its intent in the legislation, the administration did this even before the bogus certification of readiness!


The 60 days have not yet passed and they already want to have special targeted preference for recruiters!

Since they already have lifelong tax payer supported medical care for those that get HIV, of which CDC documents 57% of ALL cases from the male homosexual population, but that is not ENOUGH, they want more and more and more, and YOU ARE FORCED TO PAY FOR IT!


This is not justice or equality, this is tyranny.


Also note the SPONSORS:  YOU the TAXPAYER (via the CIA) and Amozon.com.  While you are forced at gunpoint to pay for the CIA and this conference, you are not forced to use Amazon.com, and use that as you will.

I also said this would not end here, because the new policy continues to say NO to transgender, but note that this conference includes transgender, and you can bank on the next move to make the military accept that ALSO.

More (13 August 2011):

As usual they lied to push this through!


2 Responses to “DADT is not even fully repealed (officially anyway) and the calls for special recruitment efforts for Gays has already begun!”

  1. Dave Dahlke said

    When I read this this morning I thought that America’s good days are behind us. With this new drive to enlist homosexuals they certainly won’t be signing up any muslims.

  2. […] https://minorityrightsadvocate.wordpress.com/2011/07/28/dadt-is-not-even-fully-repealed-officially-an… […]

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