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Lies – A Way of Life for the Modern Democrat Party

Posted by mrfixit on July 27, 2011

Remember John Kerry and the bogus Swift Boat Hero story line?

Well his biggest supporter is in Federal Prison, and had his silver star revoked for it being a fraud.

One can assume same for Kerry, which means the Swift Boat Vets for Truth were as they say, for truth, and the despicable Progressive Democrat Kerry, like his fellow travelers were and are for lies.


No surprise to those of us who are awake, but for many Americans, this would be a surprise, and that is what is really sad in all of this.

A final note, of course the Democrats do not have a monopoly on liars and deceivers, the Republicans have their own, often called RINOs, Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, John McCain and others, but they are not so bold and not so frequent in their lies and deceptions, sometimes even prone to be on the side of truth, but don’t be fooled.  They are for themselves and their power, and that is what they care about the most.


One Response to “Lies – A Way of Life for the Modern Democrat Party”

  1. Dave Dahlke said

    I’ll be waiting for Kerry’s Silver Star to be pulled. He has lots of money and money buys silence.

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