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Agitate: Create a crisis, and then use that crisis to gain more power and control over the masses! Obama Administration arms criminals, on purpose, while claiming there is a need to restrict legal gun ownership of Americans!

Posted by mrfixit on July 21, 2011

If this is not impeachable, nothing is.

Congress Report:  FF Congress Report  (<—USE THIS LINK TO ACCESS THE REPORT)

Originally posted at this site below (Naval Postgraduate School Center for Homeland Security and Defense) , but later pulled down…  Why?  Fortunately I saved a copy!  (I recommend you download a copy and distribute as well, for some reason there is an effort to control distribution of this report, if you read it, you’ll see why!)


Obama and his team engineered a program to transfer powerful weapons to criminal gangs in Mexico and elsewhere, ON PURPOSE, while simultaneously calling for more gun controls because of the transfer of guns to criminal gangs!

Engineer the crisis, then propose the solution, which always leads to tyranny.

Why has the lame stream media largely ignored this story?  This makes Iran Contra look like child’s play, but it is somehow it is not interesting?

We have dead officers, and countless victims on both sides of the US border, and more will come after the transfer of thousands of weapons, weapons allowed to walk over the objections of the agents on the ground who were ordered to NOT intervene!

Folks, we have what might best be described as enemies of the state and constitution who are in the highest levels of government.  I don’t know if it is wise to wait this out until 2012, how much more damage will be done by then, to an already weak economy, and weaker nation in most respects?


I’m not alone in thinking that impeachment is something worthy of serious consideration, when will our Congress seriously consider this, or will they wimp out from the political class assumption that it would backfire?  I seem to think they will assume it would go like the Bill Clinton impeachment, but I think that is wrong.  While his crimes were real, they were on personal behavior; here we have policy of siding and supporting our enemies, and the deaths of our agents and countless and ongoing innocent victims!

And don’t for a minute buy the lie that Obama did not know, this programs was pushed at the highest levels, and there is video footage that documents this fact.

While there has been an attempt to cover this up, it has not worked and it is out, but what else is going on that has not gotten out?  You can bet this it tip of the iceberg, and it must stop for our national survival, but WE MUST wake up and spread the word, because the lame stream media is participating in the effort to transform this nation to a collectivist tyranny.

More (27 July 2011):

Obama administration intimidates witnesses:


Hmm, wonder if this is related to the magic document disappearance from my computer at work…

Too bad I made copies and posted that report here already, if you did not download, save and distribute, do it while you can.  The report speaks for itself, and if there is an effort to control distribution, well that makes it MORE interesting!

There has been a very long delay on this, but more stories are creeping out into the press:




More (28July 2011) with video of ATF agent testimony referred to in the report posted above:


Here is a good brief from Gun Owners of America, with a link to send a letter to your Congressman.



2 Responses to “Agitate: Create a crisis, and then use that crisis to gain more power and control over the masses! Obama Administration arms criminals, on purpose, while claiming there is a need to restrict legal gun ownership of Americans!”

  1. Dave Dahlke said

    Report is no longer available.

    • mrfixit said

      Click the link “FF Congress Report”. A .pdf file should open, and from the file menu you can save a copy on your local drive.

      Let me know if that does not work, which would be very odd indeed!

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