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Infiltration: If an “any means” attitude is the root of selection of methods used, then no organization of any kind will remain free from those willing to work from within to corrupt or destroy it! Constant vigilance is required to protect against this destruction.

Posted by mrfixit on July 1, 2011

Here is one, that for some reason is not getting much attention, in the Wiener scandal, the ties of his wife to a radical Islamist group has been overlooked!


One would think on the surface that women should naturally oppose radical Islam, since it treats them like property, but wait!  Not if they are women that somehow think they will have power, then they would go along with it, even to enslave other women, because they foolishly think they are somehow exempt or protected, from their positions of POWER.


It is about power, the “any means” quest for power is the root of EVIL.

But don’t think this kind of blatant, unbridled quest for power by “any means” is isolated to those in radical Islam, it is what many in the modern left, (communists, socialists, progressives) are willing to use in pursuit of their various agendas.

We try to dress it up, prefer to not even see it for what it is, but the ROOT of this always goes back to the “any means” quest for power, which is a more nuanced way to describe EVIL.

As Saul Alinsky would say, the “means” are to be determined by what will produce the results.  He says use ANY means, and it is only to attain power (Even Alinsky ADMITS the stated goal of redistributive change is FUTILE!, so the quest for organization and organizers is only a naked pursuit of power!).  So much so,  that he’d open with acknowledgement in his book, “Rules for Radicals” with credit to the original radical: Lucifer, which is the naysayers dismiss as a joke, but IS IT?!

That is what this is all about, it is the age old battle of good vs. evil.  Forces of good cannot use any means, because some “means” are evil, and to go there defeats cause of good!!

Forces of evil have no restraint.  That those here are not so blatant is ONLY because they have achieved much in attainment of POWER by use of much more subtle methods, not because they would not use blatant and violent means if they were to be the effective means!

For an example, in a prior post on modern feminists, and their pursuit of power I linked a page from a women’s group that was a list of anti-woman , pro man jokes!


Here is the source directly:


Another prior post:


You see the view comes from the indoctrination that women have universally been oppressed by men, and men are the only power players.  This group is about attainment of POWER, and from that perspective they want women to be more like men, who they assume are more powerful.  They would even degrade traditional feminine QUALITIES in this quest for power!

While it is not as blatant as the example of the women in Kuwait that would have a female slave for chores and the sexual gratification of her husband, it is similar in the aspect that BOTH examples show that women who seek POWER are quite able at becoming degrading, or blatantly evil to other women in order to get that power.

The Kuwait model would not be effective in the USA, but the degrading “jokes” method might be more so, the difference is not the ROOT CAUSE, it is the selection and use of effective “means”.

We need to be working to undermine the ROOT CAUSE, which is evil, (most clearly seen as the quest for power by use of ANY MEANS).  It comes back to the battle of good vs. evil.  We win by Education, Enlightenment, Empowerment, and ACTIONS to genuinely serve others.

They win by imposition of tyranny, and mass misery, and by our INACTIONS to stop them, but any victory they might assume to have is temporary, because in the end Good wins!
It is God’s plan.

So what are you doing to be a defender for good?  Inaction in the face of evil is evil, take up a cause and take action at whatever level or capacity you might have.  Be part of the team to spread the force of good by exposing the truth under the deceptions and seductions of those that are blood thirsty for power, deny them the opportunity to control you or others.

Theirs is a world of lies, lies that are demolished by truth.  Spread the truth!


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