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Whacko Jared Lee Loughner Update: A long known threat, even local Law Enforcement was aware, so why were there no charges that could have made him ineligible to purchase a Gun? Could it be that there is a nefarious plan to permit crazies to get guns and commit crimes, to support a control agenda for the rest of us?

Posted by mrfixit on May 27, 2011

With hundreds of e-mails about the threatening nature of this whacko, no one mentions anything that would suggest ANY right wing motivation, because he was in fact a product of the radical left and its evil twisted worldview!  That they do not want it to be reported, so that is why it is ignored.


If you would like to consider the idea that he left WANTS crimes like this to create the crisis of opportunity CRAZY, then look at it this way:

How would the actions and response be any DIFFERENT if that were actually the real agenda?  The answer is simple; there would be no difference in how this was handled!

So whether it is part of a radical agenda that intends on permitting crazies to get guns and kill people, or if it is mere coincidence, it does not matter, because the politically correct culture created by the radical left assures the same OUTCOME!

It is time to RESTORE sanity and common sense, which MUST be rooted in REAL morality.

We have to purge the radical left lunatics from our systems of power, at all levels.  They must be smoked out, exposed, embarrassed and forced OUT if we are to survive.

We can no longer afford to bear the incompetence and real damage that result from their ignorant world view and an impossible yet destructive agenda.

Previous, extensive coverage on this guy:


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