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Time to Impeach Obama! Violating the laws and the Constitution. This is not opinion, it is FACT

Posted by mrfixit on May 27, 2011

He has ignored the Constitution with Obamacare.

He has worked to enact Gun Control, under the radar via regulation, despite clear court rulings affirming the right for individual gun rights.

He has made congress irrelevant, the judiciary irrelevant, and of course pays no attention to the Constitution!

The first President, ever, to violate the War Powers Act!


Where is Code Pink?
Where is the Anti-War left?  Where are all the “War is not the answer types”?

Nowhere!  You see, they are part of the “any means” is justified EVIL network.  They have only one consistent principle: Power.  Now that they are in power, anything is OK, so long as they maintain power!

Congress and the Judiciary have already been ignored by this President.  He has become akin to a dictator, and even made statements in praise of many dictators!

He insults and works against our traditional allies, and gets cozy with or enables our enemies.  He can’t seem to clearly side with good, and seems to somehow see good where there is evil.

He must be removed from office, and I don’t think we can afford waiting until 2012, what will remain by then at this rate of destruction?

It all seems too  much like “who can make war on the beast?”  If you do not know where that comes from, it is time to start getting reaquanted with that powerful book, because when you do, you will start to see how this seems all too similar to warnings from long ago…

More 20 July 2011:

How about deliberately making sure murderous drug cartels had access to thousands of high power weapons, while at the same time trying to make the case to INFRINGE on the Second Amendment rights of law abiding Americans?  Don’t buy that he did not know, this is Saul Alinsky AGITATION which is how the radicals operate.  If the crisis does not present itself, they CREATE the crisis for which the later propose the “fix” and it leads to more POWER for the “organizer”



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