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Trend in “International” organizations: They are cesspools of immorality and anything goes sexual exploitation.

Posted by mrfixit on May 23, 2011

Shut them DOWN!

The UN has a long history of its “peace keepers” being mass rapists in poor countries where they are assigned, but it appears this is no isolated to the foot soldiers in this morally bankrupt international organizations.

Take the IMF for example, it’s now former head, long known as a womanizer, and not shy about it, who also now faces sexual assault charges in New York.

Well it seems his behavior was quite normal within the halls of the IMF!


We need to GET OUT of these corrupt systems, Shut them down.  Get their HQ OUT of the USA, they are morally bankrupt institutions of the Global elite that have become the purveyors of true evil and immorality.

Their personal behavior is but one “fruit” of their work, and we are warned to steer clear of the trees that bear bad fruit, it is by the fruit we are to know good and evil.

Wake UP America, I pray we still have time to turn this around, if not we are to die trying, because in the end our actions speak for the strength of our faith, and it can only be our Faith that will save us in the end.

If you sit idle and let this all happen, what does it say about your faith?  Spread the word, get involved, work to stop the continued rise of the international disaster that will come from one world IMF/ UN ? World Bank like institutions.  It is time to SHUT THEM DOWN!


Farce of an organization, a bunch of thug dictators on a council of Human Rights!  Can it be any more clear?!



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