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There are some real teachable lessons in the Schwarzenegger scandal: Morality MATTERS, and Lies and Deception will lead to the demise of the bonds that we would hold most dear.

Posted by mrfixit on May 19, 2011

This is a feeding frenzy for the tabloids, but is there something in here that is worth note for teaching a valuable lesson?

Yes, there is.  What we have here is a clear example of how the public is manipulated and sold a completely false image and impression of a political family, when the reality is quite far afield.

What other deceptions are we being sold?  This is yet another warning sign to prompt us to challenge with boldness the information and party line information far too many have come to accept on face value. This is just one of many, many cases where lies have been institutionalized.

For Republicans, they need to recognize that social issues DO MATTER!  The GOP bought off on the Governorator as  savior for the complete mess of a situation in California, but they got a guy who ended up solving nothing.  One should ask, could that perhaps be due to things such as this that were used to coerce policy decisions from the Governor?  Could political forces who knew about such things used that information to get what they wanted?  Well the results would suggest that could likely have been the case, because the promises made did not match the reality of what happened during his time in office.  He ended up as a RINO, and did more damage California, and actually harmed the GOP brand.

So let this be a lesson, social policy, and morality are IMPORTANT.  If you come to accept a guy who has these kinds of personal flaws, it will become a bigger disaster.  If a person can betray the marriage bonds and harm the family structure, then why should we expect them to honor an Oath of Office?  It would be foolish to think they would honor an oath, but betray their own family like this!  But we have many that actually would make that foolish case, remember Bill Clinton?

We need strong, consistent, tested and true, moral and HUMBLE leaders.  No, we won’t get perfection, that is only for God, but we can’t come to accept and support folks only because they might have star power and from that gain popularity and be able to win, because what is really won if you get a RINO that actually governs with the opposition?  You win nothing that way.

Now when this news broke, I quickly came to think that there is no way his Kennedy wife all of a sudden came to know about this, she had to know, and know for some time about his women addiction.  I feel sorry for the destruction of the marriage, but did she also have some blame in this, and if so, on how?

Well…  My impressions have been confirmed:


She knew about his affairs, like other Kennedys and she decided to cover for it to help get him elected, just like other Kennedys before her!  (Seems to be family tradition).

While I certainly think he is more deserving of blame, I think her campaigning for a guy who she knew was a womanizer, and before groups of other women, is a major problem.

It is one thing to know and decide to take it for the sake your own children and for the family, but it is something completely different when you sell the man you know is abusive and deceitful to others and make him out to be a good guy…

That is participation in the deception, and for that she deserves some criticism as well, that is not a completely innocent victim, like Hillary Clinton, that enables the continued and expanded abuse.

I will give her credit at this point for finally taking a stand and making it clear this is unacceptable, late is better than never, but she did participate in the deception, and for that we likely will not see an apology to those so mislead, and who came to support the political campaign of the RINO.

No, for that we won’t see any remorse or regret, the elites, especially the elite left think they deserve special treatment and they are exempt from any responsibility for their acts of deception.  That is who they are, but I’d like to see them change, but I’d be a fool if I expected to see such a change!

2 Responses to “There are some real teachable lessons in the Schwarzenegger scandal: Morality MATTERS, and Lies and Deception will lead to the demise of the bonds that we would hold most dear.”

  1. Dave D. said

    Maria got what she wanted. To run California.

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