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Corruption: Not isolated, not exclusive to only one area of Government, it has infected just about all areas! It is time to call out those IN THE SYSTEM, and purge those that have infected our government and brought our nation to the edge of total collapse.

Posted by mrfixit on May 19, 2011

We can no longer afford to stand on the side lines.  We cannot afford to let it slide any longer.

It will not be easy, and we will have many who face very real and very damaging insults and retribution for taking a principled stand and work to expose and purge corruption, but it MUST be done.

If we think we can protect ourselves by staying quiet and compliant as the corrupt system continues to destroy us, we are naive.  It is corruption that has brought us to the brink, not any one specific area, or one specific massive case, the collective of a “thousand paper cuts” has brought us here.  We can’t ignore any one paper cut and expect to survive; we must stop ALL efforts of corruption not matter how small.

This is not to say we will ever have perfection, and to assume that is even possible is ridiculous, this is an ongoing battle and the point is to push back against growing corruption to the point where it becomes more uncommon and more rare.  Right now it is so rampant, it seems the cases of good honest and lawful government is now the exception!

To be clear, much, if not most of our laws and regulation have good intentions, and are designed to have noble and good outcome, but what if they provided protection and opportunity to some, and denied others?  What if they were not consistently enforced and they were mere tools to be used by corrupt to achieve hidden agendas?

What if we were to become a system of nepotism (favoritism shown to relatives or close friends by those with power or influence), where only those with the right connections could find good paying jobs and relative comfort?

What if we had created a system so complex and confusing that the ability to prove nepotism and favoritism became almost impossible?

How about if we had very cozy relationships between Union Representatives and Senior management?
Would that be a problem?

How can the union be standing up for the regular workers, if they are also doing the Cha-Cha with the senior management?

Well folks, we are THERE!

I will give some examples that I have stumbled upon from various sources, but this is TIP of the iceberg!

If this is taking place in these cases you can bet it is systemic and much worse in many other areas of your government.  The DoD is likely the place where it is most honest, so if there are problems there, you can bet it is totally out of control in other areas.

So here are some examples:

The most senior civilian at a major US Navy Shipyard doing a dance competition with a more junior employee at that same organization, oh and that same employee is No. 3 (Administrative VP) in the local IFPTE union at that same Shipyard!!

Should I point out that this same person received a new, quite senior position after a long leave of absence?  It could be totally deserved and on merit, but it certainly seems questionable…


(if you get the stupid pop up that blocks the page, turn your security to High in the browser options to block the pop-up and try again,  I also have downloaded the file, expecting it to disappear from the net.)

The photo caption shows the individuals involved…

I guess it is no small wonder that when an employee complained to the same union about abuse of the e-mail system to send a politically biased mass e-mail, violation of the Hatch Act, it is no surprise that no discernible action resulted!

It seems this same senior manager is well-connected with the local Congressman, so much so he said this at a recent event:

“Norm Dicks – I joke that he has his own coffee cup in our coffee mess in the front office because he comes so often.”

Then this, indicating that the Congressman worked a special deal to specifically cover federal workers from only one specific agency:

“Another one, most recently, is FLSA overtime in Japan. Believe it or not, the Fair Labor Standards Act does not permit paying exempt – non-exempt? Exempt? Am I getting that right? I forget, whoever is entitled overtime in the states, if you’re a GS worker, is not entitled to overtime overseas. So that affected many of our folks doing work in Japan. Congressman Dicks wrote that into law. Now, believe it or not it specifically says workers doing, of all the world where you can’t get overtime for FLSA, except for workers doing work in Yokosuka  Japan on the Forward Deployed Nuclear Carrier, it’s the specific in the law.”

(I wonder if the rest of the federal workforce has any clue they are getting shafted!)

Here are the full remarks:


Meanwhile, there are promotions that take place that don’t always match seniority or appear to match merit, but it is difficult to make a clear case, which is by design.

I will say this, when a promotion to a Submarine specific program is given to a person with no actual operational submarine experience, and less time in federal service, but maybe better union connections, and this is over a person who had extensive operational submarine experience and over a 2 years more of total federal service since college, well it certainly raises a valid question to the validity of the selection process which was entirely internal – it certainly seems clear there is something else in might be in play that is not merit based, I’m sure it is mere coincidence that the selected person was female, over the likely more qualified male, I’m sure there is no agenda to over promote “diversity”  No, that couldn’t be… (more to follow on this one, since a request for information required to be retained and provided to has been sent).

Again, this is the tip of the iceberg.  In previous posts I discussed inexplicable discrimination in the uniformed service, specifically the US Navy.  That post linked here:


For more details on the abuse by the union which blatantly went political on government time and using government resources, see my prior post here (more details to come later):


It is the summation of many thousands of similar types of corruption that has created the system where our elite political class has joined with the elites in media, entertainment, business and together they have created a system where the real opportunity and freedom of the individual is an illusion.

They have us fighting amount ourselves by the creation of the illusion that there are struggles between them, but this is all done only for show and to distract us.  It is the efforts they are taking together, out of public eye that are putting us in real danger.

Our government has protected the business elites via bailouts, the media protects the government elites, they stage battles between business and government for our distraction, but they end up protecting each other at OUR expense.

As Alexis de Tocqueville warned almost 200 years ago, the creation of great wealth and the new elite would likely usher in the effort to slam shut the door of opportunity for others to follow.  It seems that is exactly what we have today.  If you don’t play the game of the elites, they either destroy you or keep you in your station of servitude.  This is not opportunity and freedom, this is at best crony capitalism, but more likely a well disguised tyranny.  This is not the America founded by the Declaration of Independence and solidified by the US Constitution.  We have already been transformed; it is time to RESTORE so that our children may have freedom and opportunity again someday.

More links:

IFPTE union website (clearly taking a PARTISAN stand):


Here is the local public site:


(note they say nothing about the CURRENT Obama Administration raid on Federal Employee pension funds to continue record spending and to go past the now exceeded debt limit!  Yep, not one word of opposition on that very real and very dangerous action by the Democrat – Progressives!  So who are they REALLY worried about, because it is not the workers!)

And as member of the CESO, which looks like a clear progressive left who’s who list, including SEIU, CWA, AFL-CIO, AFSCME, all the players in the progressive left, the “screw the taxpayer cabal”…


Here is the Local 12 contract for the subject shipyard:


And here is an interesting line from the membership requirements in the union constitution:

“It shall be the duty of every member to uphold the ideals and principles of Local 12 and to abide by all its rules and decisions. All business transacted in meetings shall be strictly confidential. Penalty for divulgence of such shall be expulsion”

In other words, that Whistleblower protection you get under law (No Fear Act) as a government employee, well that does not seem to apply to UNION business, and it is interesting since the union has a TAXPAYER provided office, in a government facility, and holds meetings at a government facility, with all government employees, but they don’t permit transparency, and have punitive measures for any whistleblower, quite the opposite of protection!

Here is that full document:


Here are some more documents that show the extensive union work of the dancer who was doing the cha cha with the most senior manager:

Union rep for the CESO union conference, more than once:



More (23 May 2011):

(support of race/national orgin based awards):

Nominations for the National Organization for Mexican American Rights (NOMAR) Meritorious Service Award

1. The 2011 NOMAR Meritorious Service Award honors military members and Department of Defense (DoD) civilian employees, men and women, who supported the DoD mission, oversea contingency operations, and demonstrated role model qualities and the core values of their respective Military Service or Agency. The period of performance for this award is from August 2010 through July 2011. Nominees are expected to attend recognition events in September 2011, with the concurrence of their command and consistent with mission requirements. The recipient’s unit is responsible for paying related per diem and travel costs. The location and date of the award presentation will be announced at a later time.

2. Nomination packages should be sent electronically (in Microsoft Word format) to Xxxx Xxxxx, Code 1101JB, Xxx.Xxxxx@navy.mil, no later than 10 June 2011. This will allow time for required screening and approvals. The nomination package should include the following items:

a. Cover or transmittal memorandum. This may be a scanned or pdf document.

b. A single-spaced narrative describing the nominee’s accomplishments warranting this recognition as a Microsoft Word document not to exceed one page. Please do not send a scanned or pdf document.

c. An award citation highlighting the nominee’s accomplishments as a Microsoft Word document (single-spaced, not to exceed twelve lines of text, 12-pitch font, with 1 inch left and right margins). Please do not send a scanned or pdf document.

d. A single-spaced biography of the nominee as a Microsoft Word document not to exceed one page. Please do not send a scanned or pdf document.

e. A digital (.jpg format) head and shoulder color or black-and-white photograph of the nominee.

3. There may be a total of seven military awards presented; one each to a Service member from the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Army Guard, Air Guard, and Coast Guard. There may be a total of eight civilian awards presented; one each to a civilian employee from the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Army Guard, Air Guard, Coast Guard, and the Fourth Estate.

a. Nominations of military personnel (to include personnel assigned to a Defense Agency, Defense Field Activity or Combatant Command) must be forwarded through the Military Equal Opportunity or Diversity office of the respective Military Service headquarters.

b. Nominations of civilians employed by the Military Departments must be forwarded through their respective Civilian Equal Employment Opportunity headquarters office. Nominations of civilians employed by a Defense Agency, Defense Field Activity or Combatant Command must be forwarded to the responsible Action Officer (identified in paragraph two) in the Office of Diversity Management and Equal Opportunity (ODMEO) for screening and selection of a Fourth Estate recipient.

4. Nominees should be on evaluated on the following criteria:

a. Promoting the tenets of civil/human rights, diversity, equal opportunity, affirmative employment, human relations and public service programs.

b. Fostering support and understanding of DoD in the local community.

c. Creating opportunities that support and contribute to the mentorship, development, advancement or retention of DoD personnel including women and minorities in government service consistent with merit principles.

d. Distinguishing himself or herself as a leader and mentor of youth, especially promoting their participation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematical educational programs and technical career fields.

e. Eliminating barriers that hinder equal opportunity or promoting programs and activities that advocate equal opportunity for all DoD personnel including women and minorities.

f. Creating opportunities that contribute to the fair selection, promotion and retention of all personnel including women and minorities for consideration in senior grade level positions and critically staffed and operational occupations.

g. Displaying exceptional character that distinguishes an individual as an outstanding leader, role model or mentor by promoting the development or advancement of DoD civilian personnel and military members including women and minorities.

h. Increasing the participation of Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs) in Federal programs and enhancing the capacity building and infrastructure development of these institutions.

i. Increasing the opportunities for HSIs to participate in and benefit from DoD programs involving contracts and grants, student and faculty employment, Research and Development, and the Reserve Officer Training Corps.

j. Making personal sacrifices by his or her actions that resulted in significant contributions toward the development or advancement of DoD personnel including women and minorities.

More (23 May 2011):

If you take the time to read this report, it will become clear there is an agenda that discriminates for purpose to promote “diversity”.  Problem is it is NOT MERIT BASED!



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