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Domestic Enemies: We have been infiltrated at many levels, and our Tax dollars are being used to destroy us from within.

Posted by mrfixit on May 4, 2011

I know – we do not want to believe it.  None of us do.  We prefer to be optimistic and assume that those entrusted to work our systems of government honestly will work for the public good.

Sure they will all say that, and they all will say they have our best interests in mind.  But it is not what they say that really matters; it is what they DO and the RESULTS of those actions and choices.

How can we have schools teaching, indoctrinating, actually undermining even the parental child relationship, undermining the family structure, undermining our National structure, actually advocating against the continuance of our own existence as a nation and country? 

I know it seems extreme, incredible even, but it is HAPPENING!

Here is an example today that really makes the point clear, but this is not an isolated incident.


This kind of thing is happening all over, and in most cases it is much more subtle.

Just yesterday a local government and various schools and agencies put on a program for 4th grade students in my area, it was supposed to be about teaching about water, and protection of environment to maintain clean water, but that is not all that was in the program.

Even private Church schools attended this event, thinking it was beneficial for education, but I’m here to tell you that was NOT the case.  It was filled with propaganda, distortions and lies.

To give a very clear example, one presentation discussed Native American “mythology” about the formation of the Puget Sound and Cascade Mountains.  This included discussion of the “Ocean Spirit” and this spirit sending rain clouds to give the native peoples the rain they asked for from the spirit.

Ok, so as a story not a really big deal at this point, but remember the audience, 4th grade.  Well one student asked the presenter if this “story” was really true.  Here is where it gets dicey.  The authority figure, the adult presenting this material said quite directly that all here stories were true, and without hesitation! 

Think of that for a minute…  What outrage would there be if a Christian dared even mention the possibility of intelligent design, or heaven forbid a creator in a public school!  Even if it was only offered as a POSSIBLE explanation, the ACLU and every liberal outfit would go ballistic and cry separation of church and state!

But here those same groups are actually promoting and have established and supported a program that actually teaches 4th graders a religion, and this with YOUR tax dollars, and there is no outcry?

There are many textbooks in our public schools that won’t even accurately quote the Declaration of Independence because it mentions the “creator”. 

Folks, this is not by accident.  It is by design.  I have studied the type of people that do this, and they have a plan, and it is an EVIL plan.

They want to control and dominate the systems and organization of society.  They know they can’t fully achieve their goals when we have direct and personal relationships to God, so they work to disrupt that relationship.

They also know they can’t have the kind of control they want if we have strong families, so they disrupt that foundation as well.

They SAY THIS MUCH in their own manifestos and writings!  It is not secret, but few pay any attention to what they are doing, we assume it is too extreme and obscure, but they know they can work via infiltration and “under the radar” subtle efforts to slowly and consistently “nudge” society into their control.

They have made enormous progress in this effort!

So how do they do this?  Well they target the most vulnerable: the children.  They know adults may already have life experience that informs them of the fallacy of the “utopia” they promise to their followers.  Adults largely figure it out from life’s experience, but the young are idealistic and lack the experience to check the lies and propaganda, they can easily be programmed.  They even boldly work to program these children to think they are smarter than their own parents!  Yes they work to use children to force compliance of the adults, they use the “for the children” motto all the time, and if you stand for reason, you might well be labeled as a “hater” of children.  It does not have to be true; the “any means” tactics of the radical left only require effectiveness.  Morality and truth are only to be used if they are effective.  If lies work, they use them without hesitation.

We can no longer accept and ignore these efforts.  They need to be confronted and stopped on every level, no matter how small or how minor the particular effort may seem.  They don’t work on any front with a massive effort; it is death by a thousand paper cuts that is the strategy.  We can’t ignore any particular effort to inflict any further “paper cuts”.

It is time to stand and push back against this evil agenda.  We need to educate and inform the mostly unaware participants who have been programmed to promote this false agenda.  Most are not evil in their intent, they are also victims who have been misled and manipulated to promote what even they would not believe if they fully understood the larger agenda.

We can’t assume people know the full extent of this either, we have to inform them one step at a time and at a level they can understand and appreciate.  The system of lies will unravel as the proponents start to question the many false premises, they will start to question more and more and it will implode, but we can’t assume people are ready for all the details all at once.  If you try to push too hard against their armor of lies, you only cause a defensive response that creates a shield of ignorance to the message.  Ironically we need only to dent the armor of lies with a tactical strike on only a couple of lies at a time, which avoids the massive defensive response, and caused a cascading effect where many other lies are revealed.  It is a reversal of the system used to gradually build up the organization and empire of lies, but on our side we attack by infiltrating with the TRUTH which works its magic to destroy the lies.

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