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Are We Prepared? Could it be that we are the cowards, and that as a nation we have been conditioned to fail from our laziness and weakness that has been instilled by years of “progressive” infiltration and purposeful efforts to weaken the USA?

Posted by mrfixit on May 4, 2011

I came upon this article from a link posted in a comment, the person making the comment has an excellent site I encourage others to read and take note:


Here is the story the author of that site linked:


The point is one worthy of consideration.  Have we become a nation too weak to survive?  Has our culture been so corrupted that we largely embrace the concepts and policy that will lead to national suicide?

One can look at the recent conflicts starting with Vietnam.  Our will to win from a POLITICAL standpoint has created near impossible and illogical rules of engagement that have consistently produced endless conflicts, or eventual defeats.  This while are soldiers remain ready and capable of winning the battles, but it is the policy and politics that place our own self imposed restraint that seems to make a final and complete victory now an impossible goal. 

Look at Iraq and Afghanistan, and you see there the current examples, and Libya is even worse!

If we are so weak in our resolve where we are too concerned with self blame, too concerned with our own flaws that we view as equal our minor flaws with the truly insidious and evil intent and actions of our enemies, they will achieve victory after victory, because we will defeat ourselves.

We need to recognize we are not perfect, but we as a nation and culture do not openly and widely embrace pure evil and submission, like those who are fighting us.  We need to have the will to do what it takes to win, and that will mean use of brutal force when needed, but the difference is we don’t seek out and enjoy the use of such tactics, we are remorseful and reluctant to use them, but we must not take off the table the methods that are required to achieve victory.  We must remember that we are not them, and then not become them, but we can’t defeat them if we continue to choose equivocation of our flaws with theirs.

Final judgment must be reserved for God, man can only seek to impose justice, but justice will require the those who commit murderous crimes be fought and killed when needed, it may also require harsh treatment of those enemies captured, but we don’t delight it any of it, we do as NEEDED to protect and preserve our freedom, and to hold back and defeat the advance of evil.


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