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Use and Abuse of Women: Not isolated to the Middle East, actually not even isolated to women.

Posted by mrfixit on April 29, 2011

In a prior post I noted how the women in Egypt were used, then abused to support the downfall of a political foe.


Today the harrowing story of CBS reporter Lara Logan comes out.   I commend her brave and courageous effort to speak out to warn others and to assist in an effort to prevent more of this abuse.


In her comments there is one that stands out to me as being especially worthy of note:

“Before the assault, Ms. Logan said, she did not know about the levels of harassment and abuse that women in Egypt and other countries regularly experienced. “I would have paid more attention to it if I had had any sense of it,” she said.”

In this comment I think we need to learn a very serious lesson.  That lesson is when we permit ourselves to be insulated and isolated from the brutal reality and real evil in the world, we place ourselves in danger without even realizing there is a threat!

That effort to confuse our instincts and common sense to give us a false sense of security which then places us in harm’s way, well it can be very dangerous indeed, and Lara Logan learned this the hard way, and she is absolutely right to note how she was lucky to be alive today to speak out.  This kind of unchecked evil often ends in death of the victim. 

So I would then ask this question:  Did CBS executives knowingly place this woman in harm’s way and fail to do any reasonable effort to ensure she was aware of the real dangers? 

Perhaps they also were oblivious to the dangers…  If that is the case, then what kind of investigative journalists are they?  The well documented and widespread abuse and violence to women in the Muslim world is well known, especially in Egypt!  This is not new. 

And that leads to a question of larger implications.  What else is a well known danger to society that is not recognized or reported by our news organizations?

How many real and present dangers and treats are surrounding us and we live completely unaware of the danger, until it is too late to prepare or defend from the unchecked advance of evil.

Folks, the use and abuse of women is not isolated to the middle east, or Egypt.  In fact it is not even isolated to women at all.

We are all being set up, we are being distracted from the real and present dangers surrounding us.  Evil is on the rise, and those that would fight for good are largely unaware of the danger.

Time is short; we need to get the word out NOW.  It is time to take a stand for good, fight evil where it exists, but most of all: Be willing and ready to first see the evil, because you cannot fight against it if you fail to even acknowledge it exists! 

Evil takes many forms, sexual violence against women is but one, there are other forms like stealing the hard earned retirement savings of millions of people and condemning them to a perpetual cycle of dependence and control.

If you want to be free, you must first be informed and willing to see and fight the threats that exist.  Ignorance of the threat is not without consequence, it enables evil to flourish and grow.  We can’t defeat evil by denying it exists…


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