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Under the Radar: Stealth moves to create “fundamental changes” away from our Constitution based system of Government!

Posted by mrfixit on April 29, 2011

The entire effort is under the radar.

That we elected a radical, where much was known and verified, but completely dismissed or just not reported to a largely ignorant population.

We have a President that attended an Anti-American, Racist church for over 20 years!  His “pastor” has more in common with the Communist/Marists than anything actually in the Christian Bible, and this was available but ignored or dismissed by the compliant media.  That alone should have been enough, but there was much more.

Now we have “under the radar” efforts to infringe upon the 2nd Amendment, but not just there, we have some not so cover efforts like the TSA grope fest that violate the 4th Amendment, and of course the efforts to squelch political speech deemed unpopular is an assault on the 1st Amendment. 

We then have evidence of violation of the separation of powers, the near irrelevance of the Legislative branch, the massive unchecked regulation, ignoring the judicial branch; the list could go on for pages.

This little reported effort to enact gun control “under the radar” is not about this issue alone.  It is a big deal on that issue alone, but it is indicative any number of other nefarious plans and plots that are taking place “under the radar”. 


Again I could go on all day with examples, but it is too much to keep up with.  What matters is we are under attack, and it is not only external, but internal.  It is our Constitution’s DOMESTIC enemies that are doing the greatest damage, but how do we fight them?  We have to stand up!  We have to call it as it is, we cannot become intimidated into silence, that is how we beat them back, and that is why there is such a strong effort to control the systems of information distribution, that is why they have allies and enablers in the media, and within the internet giants like Google that have strategic control on information distribution.  It all seems daunting and overwhelming, because that too is part of the effort to silence US.  Don’t fall for it.  Speak up, stand up, stand for TRUTH, stand to protect the Constitution, and when you do, others will do the same, and it will grow.  This is what the Tea Party is all about, and that is why the media is working overtime to smear and discredit the Tea Party!  It is a threat to their power and control over the masses!  They truly despise individual rights and freedom, because they love POWER and control most, the talk of freedom and respect for the little guy is a deception.  In reality it is the elites on the left that hate the little guy, because they are narcissists and only love themselves and their power.


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