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The Perfect Storm… Not for us, but for our enemies.

Posted by mrfixit on April 25, 2011

Too many prior posts and warnings on this and too many have come to pass confirming my worst fears.  It is happening and I don’t know if there is any way to stop it at this point.

America has withstood major economic collapse, World Wars, the Cold War, natural disasters, all manner of threats at one time or another, and we have survived as a nation.

But what might happen if these all happened at the same time?  Would we, could we survive as a nation, or do we crumble and fall, going the way of the Roman empire and many other world powers, or more recently like Great Britain?

Well, I think it is a question we need to ask, and NOW!  Because between now and the end of this summer, I think we will see such a perfect storm.  The clouds have already gathered, and the track and path indicates a direct hit on this one.

The dollar is in free fall, leading a massive and catastrophic elimination of wealth of millions of Americans.  This IS the cause of the rising food and energy prices.  It is not supply and demand that is driving the increase!  It is the devaluation of the US dollar, and all commodities tied to it are maintaining (but this makes the now less valuable dollar figure tied to them go UP). 

Think of money itself as a commodity, what happens if there is too many dollars, and if they go to more scarce resources it makes it even worse, this is what we have done (The Federal Reserve has devalued the US Dollar by circulating too much money!)

Next, we have 3 “wars” or whatever they choose to call them today, but the US Military is heavily employed and working with shrinking budgets, on more missions… Meanwhile the world gets more and more unstable.  Rising tensions all over the place WILL lead to more conflicts, and it seems to be accelerating.  A major war is a logical and near inevitable outcome, and how will we be involved?  If we got into Libya with no good reason, how can we expect to stay out of anything as we move forward?

Hostilities are rising against Israel, its foes are building forces and aligning against this tiny nation, surrounded by people that want to annihilate a population (people that openly celebrate the brutal murders of unarmed children and babies).  This is a evil rising.

We have open borders and millions of people amongst us who have no loyalty or allegiance to the continued survival of our nation.  In fact they are often openly hostile to the citizens and residents of our nation.  We have had sporadic violence and it is building.

We have unions that openly have hostility to our economic system and have allegiance to ‘international systems of order”. They have openly called for the destruction of the US Stock market and are campaigning openly to implode our banking system. 

We have Local and State Governments that are basically bankrupt, while Union bosses march to continue the madness that will expedite catastrophe.  The only reason the Federal Government is not bankrupt is they are printing money with reckless abandon!  There is NOTHING TO BACK it.  The use of the US dollar as the world reserve currency has kept us afloat, but that is now fading as the world moves to ditch the dollar, leaving us in a free fall.

We have building racial tensions inflamed by an administration that openly ignores racially motivated crimes where the majority race is victim, but will take on work to destroy anyone who would speak out against the open “reverse” racism and discrimination that is taking place.

We have institutional discrimination in our Military that denies the best qualified for inexplicable reasons, then affords special protections to politically connected special groups of people, weakening our military and adding to already unbearable costs.

There are millions of indoctrinated, useful idiots amongst our young, students brought up in far left schools, at all levels, who think they are entitled to everything without working for anything.  They think we can “tax the rich” to provide it all, but it is mathematically impossible to do so.  They are asking for the impossible and are completely ignorant to the facts!

Oh, and did I mention that we have information that suggests Al-Qaida is already Nuclear capable and just looking for the right conditions to finally vanquish their enemy?  Well, add that to the list as well:


Also do not to dismiss that Iran is close if they don’t already have a Nuclear Weapon, and they have launched “life capsules” on ballistic missiles already (Same process to deliver a Nuclear weapon).  To make matters worse, we have growing tension and distrust with Pakistan, who already is Nuclear capable and under constant pressure from internal forces of radical, terrorist Islamic factions.

Starting in May it all comes together.  May 1st is international workers day, or the Communist day.  It all kicks off in full speed at that point and where it will lead, no one can be sure, but we can know it will be ugly, and there will be great chaos and suffering.  By this fall, we may not recognize the world anymore.

God Help Us.

Brace for impact, and LEARN THE truth and don’t fall for the deception and lies.  Inform others and help each other.  We must survive this storm together or each be consumed by it if we stand alone. Start with your family, neighbors and friends.  Help each other and stand for truth and righteousness.


4 Responses to “The Perfect Storm… Not for us, but for our enemies.”

  1. Dave Dahlke said

    If obama, our illegitimate president, gets reelected then I sadly believe that the majority of the people of this nation desire to become a third world country. As Rome went so will the U.S.

  2. paul said

    Your first 8 “paragraphs” were spot on man. Then you drank some type of lose your mind kool-aid! To say that the Unions are the problem in this country and because of them we don’t have any jobs is completely illogical and you must base all your opinions on Beck (or some other Fox News source). No one ever said just “Taxing the rich” will solve the problems. We have to cut spending and ALL Americans (and American based companies) need to pay their share. No more 35% for the middle class and 12.5% for the rich. If trickle down economics worked why has the middle and lower class incomes stagnated and the upper class rose? If there was SOME growth I could believe it but there is none. If these Tax cuts for the wealthy actually created jobs, why are we in the midst of the worst recession with double digit unemployment? When the Republican (Tea Party) promised us real change and to focus on job creation, why have they done everything but that?

    • mrfixit said

      Thank you for your comment. I appreciate the opportunity to discuss the issues.
      I have many prior posts that further explain what the Union bosses have done and continue to do to dismantle individual rights, freedom, and prosperity. It is not a matter of Kool-aid. The results confirm it and the data is overwhelming. Unions once served to check over powerful and abusive employers, but now that function is more than covered with mountains of regulation, so today they exist to serve as a system of power for the union bosses, even if it destroys the very industry that employs the workers. Just look the Steel industry, Auto industry, or any long time heavy union segment of the economy and you see decline.
      You can ignore it all you want, but the proof is in what the unions do when they are in charge. The UAW drastically cut pay and benefits at GM and Chrysler when the Government put them in charge, so what about the workers? They get hosed, it is not about them.
      My opinions are my own, they may aligns with others from time to time, but I don’t merely copy others, I even have areas where I don’t agree with Beck, and that is fine! Ironically it is Beck that ENCOURAGES independent thought and analysis. You won’t see that from any union boss, they tell you what to believe and if you don’t follow in lockstep, well your job may well be in jeopardy or worse.
      You are right that all need to pay their share, so what about the bottom 50% that pay next to nothing? I know people that could well afford to pay that get money back and are not poor. Our system should be a FLAT rate, or even better consumption only based system of taxation (Like it was at the founding). The concept of income tax it in itself a problem (I have a prior post on that as well). I have to tell you that the real reason that the upper class is surging is because they are largely cheating, and that includes most of the elite LEFT. The richest political figures are on the LEFT, and align with UNION bosses, so you tell me how they can at the same time look out of the little guy when they get rich form manipulation of the little guy? Obama took in RECORD contributions from the RICH, and Wall Street! Don’t take my word for it, do your homework. Go to the Huffington Post and FUNDRACE. Search for contributions by occupations. You will see Plumbers and small business supports the GOP and Conservatives, and the Left is supported by the College educated elite and wealthy. The data is what it is, the spin and lies the Union bosses and organizers want you to believe are designed to gain control, not to inform of the truth.
      I could also point out that it is the concept of INCOME tax that has the rich paying less than the workers, the REALLY rich don’t earn income, they are wealthy because of investments! Let’s end the income tax and be based ONLY on consumption which automatically has the rich pay more and those with less who minimize their use of resources pay less.
      You are right, there is no growth, so why is the Government and this administration saying there is growth and recovery? It is a LIE. There is no growth, but the cause is not high or low taxes. It is excessive RISK. The USA is now too risky for investment, because our inability to pay our debt and runaway spending. We are in an unsustainable cycle, and any investor knows it. There is no reason to grow or start a business. This is why we have no growth – that and the impending collapse of our money. That is the reason the stock market is going up, it is a mirror of the decline of the value of the dollar, which is the cause of increasing prices, gas, food, etc. Our excessive printing of money is causing the biggest theft in all of history. Everyone with a pension or retirement savings is being robbed blind! It is the union bosses and this administration, joined at the hip, that are accelerating this collapse with the excessive spending and debt.
      Lastly I need to remind you that the Tea Party is only on the rise, they don’t control anything. GOP has the house, but it is NOT all Tea Party there, and they don’t have the Senate, and both don’t matter much when the Executive is willing to act by executive order and regulation without laws, which is why nothing is getting better. It is the UNION bosses and Obama (as if there is a difference) that is behind the “change”. That was there plan, remember? Fundamental Change, and yes that is what we have! If you like union bosses then get used to it, because this is the “change” they had in store! – with them in charge and us living in servitude and shared misery and lack of opportunity.
      I invite you to read my many posts, links and reference material. You can search a topic in the search feature in the left column. I started this blog to help make it easier for other to find information that took me hours of study to find, I put it together to make it available in minutes, but DON’T limit your studies here, start here and seek out more information and truth. The truth will set you free, but it will make you pretty upset when you learn many of your “friends” like union bosses are not really working for you, they are working against you.

    • Norm said

      This is what your Union dues are paying for: http://pajamasmedia.com/zombie/2011/05/06/seiu-drops-mask-goes-full-commie/

      You should be outraged. This is what the union bosses have decided is OK to promote. This is UNAMERCAN plain and simple. I, for one, will NEVER pay a single DIME to any union for this reason.

      This unfortunately is also not an isolated incident. Just a little research will find plenty others.

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