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The Feds want to shut up a liar, because it is getting out of hand and the “jury” pool will be tainted with all the publicity and lies… Then when are they going to shut up the most prominent liar of all: President Obama.

Posted by mrfixit on April 20, 2011

I think it is clear that Blago is corrupt and actually quite narcissistic and delusional (but is he the only one – no there are OTHERS).  The prosecutors are getting upset at his public statements which are parades of lies.  I think they have a point, coming from a corrupt man, we should expect a parade of lies, and of course this would make it a challenge to secure a conviction with the truth so badly buried and distorted with a sea of lies.

So……Then how about the parade of lies in the public discourse that is not just an attempt to corrupt a jury to avoid a conviction, but an attempt to corrupt a nation’s voters to cause a re-election of a serial liar (Oh and once good friend and ally of this particular liar!)?

In this case it is not a conviction that is impeded; it may well be the very survival of our economic system, our prosperity and our freedom – perhaps even the survival of America as a world power and stabilizing force for peace and prosperity in the world.  The lies in this case are to deceive and seduce Americans to support an impossible workers “utopia”, continue the very wreck less spending and debt that will be our nation’s demise! 

Yep, that fits President Obama.  He lies so often and so obviously, I’m finding it difficult to find any truth at all with this man, we don’t even know for sure WHO he really is, even that has been kept obscured from the citizens who are the real “agency” that is entrusted to verify the eligibility of our elected officials!


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