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Sexist Organizations promoted and supported in the US Military.

Posted by mrfixit on April 17, 2011

I stumbled upon this e-mail group in an address book:


An email distribution list amongst women working in the Navy, looks like most if not all are federal government civilians, over 300 people in total as of 5 April 2011.

So is there an equivalent men moving forward distribution list? 

No way, that would be sexist you know, discriminatory and bigoted.  Only “minorities” can have exclusive groups like this!  (Odd given that women make up a larger percentage of the total population, and that they now vastly dominate in college graduation rates and populations as well!

Just another example of the organizers that gain power by highlighting divisions, rubbing raw sores of discontent, while crying out against the very same systems of discrimination that mirror those they in fact create!

Likely part of this effort:


Since there is a specific award for this:


So, let me ask this question:  Is there a Men’s only award and networking group?  – No, then how would you feel if the “Wo” was removed from all of this, it would be viewed as sexist and bigoted, so why does that change if the “Wo” is added? – It doesn’t.

Women don’t need to be isolated to succeed.  They can be integrated fully in most places without issue, and they are fully capable to compete with men for awards and achievement.  Establishing a separate exclusive group for women, then endorsing this effort is either is naive, or bigoted.  Even if it has the best intentions, does it not do the exact opposite?  By that I mean setting women in a separate exclusive category for awards, recognition and achievement might suggest that some think they CAN’T directly compete, and THAT is a bigger an even bigger issue of bigotry. 

This is not my first encounter with this, I previously came across a group supported by the Navy that was called “Academy Women” and when looking into this group I found bigoted, anti-women JOKES that I’d be disciplined if I were to utter.  Why would such a group slam women?  Because they really want POWER and they think they must emulate masculine attributes to attain that power!  So they demean and denigrate feminine women! 

I discussed this in an earlier post:


MORE (18 April 2011):

This is really great, both sexist AND racist at the same time, and requiring a color photo for the application for this award.  I thought discrimination based upon race and sex was illegal…

Oh, wait only if it is in favor of white males, any other minority is permitted special discrimination “level” the past wrongs.  I have to ask, since when did two wrongs make a right?  Since when can a system of unfair discrimination be corrected by using unfair discrimination?  I thought it was to be by “content of character” not color of skin, but how then is this explained, and why the NEED for a color photo?

Here is the text from an announcement on government internal message board at a Federal Government facility (I’ve redacted last names, and phone numbers):

1. Description.  Women of Color Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) Awards recognize the significant accomplishments of minority women in the technology world.  Since 1986, these awards have served as the tool employers use to recognize outstanding achievements by African American, Hispanic, Asian/Pacific Islander, and Native American women in companies and organizations across America.

 2.  Deadline Date.  All nominations must be submitted electronically to Julie.xxxxxxxx@navy.mil  by Friday, 15 April 2011. Questions? Please contact Julie at 476-xxxx or Tracy Xxxxx at 476-xxxx.

 3.  Eligibility.  All civilian and military women from NAVSEA Headquarters, associated PEO’s and field activities are eligible.

 4.  Criteria.  There are eleven highly competitive awards categories (see attachment #2 for amplifying information regarding criteria):

      a.  Career Achievement

      b.  Community Service 

     c.  Corporate Responsibility

      d.  Diversity/Affirmative Action

      e.  Educational Leadership

      f.  Entrepreneur

      g.  Managerial Leadership

      h.  New Media/IT Leadership

      i.  Professional Achievement

      j.  Student Leadership

      k.  Technical Innovation 

5.  Procedures.  Submit an original nomination package for each nominee. On attachment #1 (Employee Recognition Application Form), check the box “WOC-Women of Color Technology Awards, April 30th”, then complete the remainder of application, adding category under the “Nominator Information” section.  Additionally, follow the instructions below, each nomination package should include the these items in order:

        (1)  Employee Recognition Application Form (type or print legibly)

        (2)  Current biography or resume

        (3)  Recent color photograph.  Acceptable formats include color or black and white photographs (maximum size 8×10, minimum size 5×7), digital photographs (high resolution only, minimum 300 dpi resolution and minimum size 5×7 in eps, jpeg, or tiff format – DO NOT send photographs in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint or inkjet printouts).  Digital photographs should be saved as “firstname_lastname.filetype”.

        (4)  Cover Letter

        (5)  Reason for nomination (one or two pages)

        (6)  Full job description or curriculum vitae

        (7)  Organizational Chart 

       (8)  Papers and articles by and about the nominee

        (9)  Letters of recommendation (amount not mandated)

        (10)  Other significant supporting materials (e.g. awards or patents) 

6.  This award announcement is posted on iNAVSEA web site: https://navsea.portal.navy.mil/hq/10/10t/10tc/default.aspx 


File Name



1_Employee_Recognition_Application_Form[1] application/pdf (111k)
2_Conference_Award_Categories[1] application/pdf (107k)

For more information contact:

Name Code Phone Email
Julie Xxxxxxxx   (360) 476-Xxxx Julie.xxxxxxxx@navy.mil

—————End copy of bulletin———————–

From the secure NAVSEA site linked above:


(Click the award title to access the award announcement, nomination form(s), and any additional information)

As you can see, many “special” RACE and Gender discriminatory award categories that are officially supported and endorsed (half of this list are based on such discrimination)!  Image the outrage of a Male only, or Caucasian only awards, are you seeing the clear hypocrisy and discrimination yet? 

To make it even more interesting, my previous post on the modern “feminist” agenda, where I have pointed out this is not about promotion of women, it is about attainment of Power!  This is done by “rubbing raw sores of discontent” by actually demeaning femininity by supposing it is inferior, and promotion of masculinity for women, supposing it is somehow superior and more powerful.  A deception and lie, any married man knows better!

And here is a copy of a file, from the group “Academy Women” which is supported by official communications from the US Navy, and these “jokes” are actually degrading and demeaning to traditional feminine women, and seem to promote and applaud more masculine traits!!





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