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Why do people go Nuts with the Burning of a book: the Quran, but nobody seems to care about the burning of the US Flag, or even a Bible? Who are the real crazed ones? The fools that burn, or the fools that go crazy?

Posted by mrfixit on April 16, 2011

So an obscure “pastor” in a tiny “church” in Florida burns a Quran and it sets off an international incident? – Yes, that is the story line at least.

But ask this question:  What REALLY is the root cause?  The fool looking for fame and attention by DELIBERATELY making a big deal of this stunt, or the Crazed radical Islamic leader that would spend $2.4 million to kill the man who burned a book?

The answer is obvious.

So why is it that far too many will place scorn on the messenger, who does the foolish stunt (ironically giving him exactly what he wants), but they then fail to acknowledge that the REAL problem is the crazed radicals willing to kill innocent, uninvolved people over this foolish act?

Let me see if I can compare this to something else.  By excusing of under emphasizing the REAL crazies in this story, aren’t we doing something similar to blaming the rape victim who dressed in a revealing, or provocative way.  It is as if the story is to blame the foolish “pastor” for his provocation, while he actually did no harm to anyone, but then ignore the real evil, radical mentality of those who responded with violence and murder.

Don’t take this the wrong way, I happen to think the burning stunt was deliberately inflammatory and very unwise, but I also think flag burners are the same, as I would if someone burned a bible, but I’d never excuse or diminish a violent, murderous response either, and likely there would not even be one which shows a sharp contrast in tolerance and cultures.

So let us keep this in perspective.

One other point: This “pastor” is trying to use the same inflammatory techniques of the Westboro “Baptist” Church, who protest funerals.  They are not really Christians, because this is not Christian behavior, they are opportunists looking to gain fame and fortune with their vile acts.

At least he afforded an opportunity to draw a sharp contrast in cultures, and it should be easier to see the good side, and the evil side, take heed of this and make sure you are on the side of good.

3 Responses to “Why do people go Nuts with the Burning of a book: the Quran, but nobody seems to care about the burning of the US Flag, or even a Bible? Who are the real crazed ones? The fools that burn, or the fools that go crazy?”

  1. Dave Dahlke said

    I don’t condone the action of this pastor but I really do believe that it leads us to see how protective of the ideology of islam our government is. It condemns the pastor for his actions but says nothing about the killings of innocents by muslims in their “so called” reaction to this incident. Radical muslims don’t need an excuse to kill and riot but any reason will do. If we step back and tread lightly around islam it will be us who will be trounced on.

  2. mrfixit said

    That is exactly what is happening. At times like this it becomes way too close to revelations, but at least we know how it ends, no matter how rough the ride gets, the end is the final victory for the side of Good in this world. I only pray we can save as many as possible along the way.

    This is also why I think we need Alan West as the next President, he gets it when it comes to radical Islam, he does not back down, he says it like it is.

  3. Dave Dahlke said

    I believe Alan West is the best candidate due to his knowledge of the evil that islam is. Also, Herman Cain is in the same boat but I don’t think that a radio host has a chance of winning.

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