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We need a Flat or Fair Tax, now! The insanity of the current system must end. If GE can make 14 Billion and pay no taxes, and you can too, then who is left with the bill?

Posted by mrfixit on April 16, 2011

In case you have not heard, GE paid ZERO taxes on 14 billion in profit. 

What a deal, but you might be able to pull this off as well!

And in this we should ask, then who is left paying?  The poor, and suckers, along with some of the Rich not willing to game the system this way, which places completely skewed and unfair burdens upon a smaller and smaller minority of remaining taxpayers, and then no one really cares about tax rate increases, which destroys the entire system….   Maybe that is the plan….

How about a Flat Tax? Or even better abolish the income tax altogether (like it was before Woodrow Wilson!), and then impose a FAIR TAX that taxes only consumption?

Well there is no logical reason to not do this, but there is a nefarious one to not do this.  This is not about logic, fairness or anything good and noble; the current system is all about POWER and Control.

I did my taxes at last minute this year, I HATE doing it.  Every year there is a new twist, and it becomes a research project every time.  This year I had to go back over 10 years to get all the data needed!  I know they say 7 years, but that is not always true, try cashing out a Roth IRA, and you have to go back and show the basis of contributions to avoid paying taxes on already taxed money! 

You see the “system” of taxation controls darn near everything you do, it is a very powerful system of control, and it is in essence tyranny, and it has virtually extinguished liberty, but every year it gets bigger, and we put up with it.  It must be scraped!  We can’t keep accepting this madness.

With this current system you have no privacy from government, and they can mold and shape behavior by use of tax credits, deductions, penalties and higher rates of taxation!

Now you can see why the tax code continues to grow, and is an enormous near impossible system, but it affords MASSIVE control and intervention in society by the political class, and in that you find the answer for why it is the way it is.

It is time for WE THE PEOPLE to remind our politicians who is SUPPOSED to be in charge, and we need to demand meaningful reforms, like getting rid of this outrageous, unfair, power crazed system of taxation!

Here is a piece from the WSJ that explains how to pull off a GE and pay no taxes, and in it you can see the absurdity of this system:


More (18 April 2011):

Fair tax NOW and shut this beast down!



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