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Media Bias: YOU must do your Homework to be inoculated against being misled by their deception.

Posted by mrfixit on April 16, 2011

One of the reasons I started the blog was that it appeared obvious that many, far too many good decent people were not getting the full truth from their news.  In fact one of the most insidious ways this is done is to fill the airwaves with fluff, like nonstop reports about Michael Jackson, or Charlie Sheen, etc.   This leaves little broadcast time for real news, and this is not by accident.

There are forces at work to undermine and destroy our society and way of life; they are using the ignorance aided by a compliant media to fool us into our own destruction!  I know it seems outrageous, even incredible, but the more you study this, the more it becomes so very clear this is unquestionably true.  It is what is, whether you want to believe it or not.

So then what to do?  The first thing is to get informed and to KNOW what is happening and why, then spread the word, which is why I came up with this blog.  The more out there like it the better, the more sources of truth the better, but time is limited.  We must stop this insanity fast if this nation, and mankind’s beacon of freedom is to survive for our children.  We cannot afford to delay it any longer!

I kindly ask each reader to join in this effort, spread the word, us any and all of my posts, links, sources of information whatever you find useful and send it on to people you know and ask them to do the same.   In the days of internet, and viral videos, we need to make sure that the TRUTH goes viral and people can see the clear distinction between good and evil, so that the vast majority of good people come to support and work on the side of good, and we hold back and diminish the side of evil.

To give one recent example of outrageous media bias, look at this analysis and story.  The vile, criminal death threats, including threats to family members, and these came from a union activist TEACHER in Wisconsin, but if you only get your news from the networks, you’d likely never hear about this at all… So what else are you missing?



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