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We are still fighting against radical Islam, or more succinctly against forces of evil.

Posted by mrfixit on April 1, 2011

How many know about the massive increase in casualties in Afghanistan?  Not many, it is largely ignored now that Obama is in office.   It is as if there is no concern about the sacrifices now, but there sure seemed to be outrage when GW Bush were CINC. 

This realization should shock us to note that many collectivist lefties only cared about troops when they could use it to hammer a political foe, but now it is their guy sending our guys to the slaughter with insane rules of engagement that multiplies our casualties, well now it is no big deal!!

It is a big deal, more now because our lack of resolve and clarity, lack of clear objectives, lack of determination to achieve victory is making our enemies bolder, more aggressive and more deadly.

Here is site that points this out quite well, and deserves our attention and prayers for the families of the fallen.


Here is my previous post on the massive increase in casualties:


4 Responses to “We are still fighting against radical Islam, or more succinctly against forces of evil.”

  1. Dave Dahlke said

    What has happened in Afghanistan has now happened in Libya. The U.S. transfers authority to the U.N. or NATO and washes their hands of the situations. That includes the reporting of casualties. You notice that casualties are now reported as “coalition or U.N.” casualties. It is a total disgrace to our service men and women and to this nation.

  2. Dave Dahlke said

    Here is some interesting indepth info on the muslim threat to the world.


    • mrfixit said

      Excellent comments as usual. I added a link to that blog on my ongoing documentation of the hypocrisy and evil that increases with the so call “religion of peace”.
      I saw a break down on costs for the so called international action against Gaddafi in Libya, as usual the US pays the lions share, 55 Million a day, and every other “partner” combined, only 4.5 Million per day.

      It is easy to think this is incompetence and naivety, but I think out of control spending, and over use of the military, combined with destructive internal policy changes in the military all combine and suggest a coordinated and consistent effort to “collapse the system” which was the Cloward and Piven method to fundamentally transform the USA. I really think it is intentional destruction, not by accident or incompetence.

  3. […] https://minorityrightsadvocate.wordpress.com/2011/04/01/we-are-still-fighting-against-radical-islam-o… […]

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