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Their agenda marches on, this is not about “rights” it is about destruction of the family. The anything goes definition of Marriage is really about destroying Marriage (the foundation of the family) altogether. Is this Good, or Evil?

Posted by mrfixit on March 31, 2011

How to destroy the basic unit of society, the family?  Well if that were your goal, and it is the goal of the modern collectivist progressive, I have read it in their own works, be in Saul Alinsky, the Weather Underground manifesto, or the Coming Insurrection.  The common thread is there is a need to erode and destroy the traditional family structure.  The National Socialists of Germany, the NAZI’s did this, as did the Communists. These agendas all target the young, college level and below, because they have little life experience and they can be manipulated to support an impossible agenda, but an agenda that concentrates power in the “organizers” of the movement.  It is all about power, and they go for those easiest to fool to support this agenda.  Look at what is going on with the chaos in the world today, see how it is the young leading the chaos?  That is NOT coincidence, it is organized.  


So how then does the progressive/collectivist plan to get this done?  Well there are many elements and ways to attack the family, here are some that you might recognize:

–          Sexualize men and women, encourage promiscuity, encourage and force acceptance of any type of sexual behavior.  This infects and corrupts relationships, seeds a deep misunderstanding of a proper relationship, and confuses real love.  It promotes and encourages selfish, instant gratification, and it certainly destroys or even prevents the foundation of many families, making divorce way too common.


–          Blur the lines and confuse the meaning and significance of the WORD Marriage.  It was once said that you can control mankind if you could control the language.  It is largely true.  If you re-define the meaning of marriage to include just about anything, it literally destroys the concept of traditional one man one woman marriage.  To give an example, the concept of “rights” has also been so expanded and blurred that people now label things that are actually privileges as rights, making the concept of a “right” somewhat meaningless. Same will be so when anything can be called a Marriage and THAT is the real agenda.

–          Take children out of the home, school them as early as possible in institutions controlled by so called “experts” that will teach values foreign to the parents values.   We see this all the time, the concept of the two income household as near required, and standard helps this immensely, then the ever present agenda to expand the hours and years of schooling, and all provided for free to the family.  This leads to children that grow distant from parents, and parents that grow distant from their children, sound familiar?

Teach them with people that make threats against politicians and their FAMILIES, like this teacher:



–          Make sure children in schools are always made to have very high self esteem, lavish them with praise, and never be too critical of even the worst behavior.  Make sure there are exciting and fun activities to keep the children away from parents as much as possible, and even tell the children that they are even smarter and better than their parents!  At the same time, don’t challenge the children to learn the fundamental skills needed to be independent, no way, and don’t have high standards or testing to verify actual knowledge is attained.  This way you can produce “graduates” that have very high self esteem and confidence, but low knowledge.  This is the perfect combination to make an army of easy to control, useful idiots from which to derive power.

–         Make sure there are no consequences for bad behavior.  Protect the “rights” of the criminal, but be extra harsh on the victims.  I know that sounds extreme, but it happens all the time.  We often hear about the need to understand the motives and also to justify the worst behavior, but then we hear little about protecting the rights of victims, or taking punitive actions to discourage the creation of more victims.   We see this with the ACORN videos were that organization was clearly willing to assist in the abuse of underage, illegal alien girls who were being abused.  It also is the case for Planned Parenthood, who also was willing to cover for similar behavior.  This creates endless victimization, and this kind of behavior erodes the chances of ever forming a true loving relationship, with both victims and perpetrators.


–          Abortion on demand, this permits and makes much easier the exploitation of women.  It gives an out to those that would otherwise have caution to their sexual activity.  Activity which again erodes the chances of an eventual successful and meaningful relationship and family.  This kind of stuff is addictive like heroin, but we have a society that tends to encourage this behavior.


–          Create “women’s rights” groups that willingly attack WOMEN who dare take on the traditional role of mother and homemaker.  The modern feminists, like the NOW gang, regularly and most viciously attack other women who do not accept their insatiable quest for power.  To these groups, becoming the oppressor to men is most important, this to supposedly compensate for the assumed universal exploitation of women in the past.  Literally these women have been radicalized and have come to believe that two wrongs can somehow make a right (They don’t see it a two wrongs of course, they assume an automatic and ingrained superiority that gives them destiny to be the oppressor!)


–          Use the censorship doctrine known as “political correctness” to squelch and silence anyone who dares to point out the destructiveness of these agendas and the problems created in society.  Literally label those that speak truth as bigots, or worse, accuse those who make observations, collect data and analyze this destruction as not politically correct.  Literally blur the distinction between good and evil, by making anything and any family practice something that is beyond judgment or analysis, try to make things that are not equal, look equal.  Make people believe lies as “truth” and label Truth as “lies”.  We see this all the time, it is disgusting.


I know, it all seems so outrageous, and it is something we just don’t want to believe.  We want to be tolerant and non judgmental.  We don’t want to have to build the courage to take a principled stand and declare some behavior as good, and other behavior as bad.  We want it all to be shades of grey and not judge any of it. 


But here is the problem.  If there is GOOD, then there must also be NOT GOOD, and that not good might just be called EVIL.  If we deny the existence of evil, are we not also denying the existence of good? 

Which agenda is served by denying the existence of Evil?  NOT the Good side, it is the acceptance of evil that results, and often where evil is confused and thought to be good and good confused and treated as evil. 

I know it may seem a stretch, but if you have an agenda to destroy what has always been the foundation of society, the foundation that was part of the design of human existence, if you actually work to destroy that design, and confuse this as being OK and good, then which side are you supporting?   Good or Evil?

Clearly it would be Evil, so then we need to recognize the collectivist agenda to destroy the family is also driven by evil, and we should call it that and fight it on every front.  To do nothing is to act, it is to surrender and support evil, because evil NEVER rests, therefore neither should the forces fighting for good!

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2 Responses to “Their agenda marches on, this is not about “rights” it is about destruction of the family. The anything goes definition of Marriage is really about destroying Marriage (the foundation of the family) altogether. Is this Good, or Evil?”

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