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The World’s Largest Ponzi-Scheme: the Federal Reserve

Posted by mrfixit on March 28, 2011

My entire adult life I have stayed more informed than most on political affairs, I have more than most experience with technical matters, and I actually have a Master’s in Business Administration.

Over this time, I had always looked with a subtle disregard and incredulity at the theories and often crazy sounding conspiracy theories about the Federal Reserve System.

It seems impossible for something so ingrained, so established and so seemingly benign to have such a massive plan of deception and such a well hidden agenda.  It seems quite crazy indeed, but IS IT REALLY?

In the last couple of years it has become more and more clear that there are in fact agendas that would once be considered crazy, but now appear to be well established as facts from ACTIONS taken by our leaders in the past 3 years, actually it goes back beyond that but most of the information has been downplayed, obscured and spun to create illusions.

I’ve come to understand there is a strong tendency of the public to dismiss such things, it is just too crazy to believe, the consequences are just too dire, the solutions just too difficult to contemplate, and so most people just willfully ignore it all together!  They move on in virtual ignorant bliss, subject to being controlled and manipulated just the way some want them to be…

But that is EXACTLY what the manipulators who control the powerful institutions expect, it is how they have built this empire in the open, and now the people have little say and little power in their own lives!

What if you could form a secret exclusive club that would choose its own members, choose its own leaders, and which could operate in secrecy and also be entrusted to control the value and volume of our money!  What if you had that kind of system?  No accountability to anyone, not even Congress or the President can see the “books” at the Federal Reserve.  The Federal Reserve prints our money, check it out, but they do not open their books for anyone, not even congress.  They are not actually a government owned and operated institution!  

Well, if you had that kind of power you could literally control the wealth and property values of the entire society!  It is all based on the value of the dollar, and that value is ever changing!   Imagine the ability to control the standards of measure, say the volume of the Gallon.  If you could do that you could do that, then you could affect the entire economy by increasing the volume, or decreasing it, and by this action affect the cost of transportation, food, etc, and that affects us all.  But that kind of power is NOTHING compared to the control and power that can be had by controlling the value of money!

Money was once tied specifically to a measure of precious metals.  This was done to keep control of money in circulation and to ensure it always had a tangible tie to a real physical element which had intrinsic value, but no longer is that the case.  Now money is only worth what people think it is worth, and specifically what the power brokers decide it is worth.  What happens if people start to realize it is actually worthless?  (This is happening right now!  Look at your energy bills, your food bills and your gasoline bill…)

We have been fooled, in a big way.  We think we can change society and control our economic future and prosperity by elections, but that is a clever cover for the real controllers.  The real controllers are those that establish the value of your savings, and with intentional inflation as current policy, they are robbing you blind and you don’t even know it!

That money you have saved is worth less and less each day, and even the COLA (inflation adjusted increases) for pension plans are lies, they exclude food and fuel from the measure of inflation!  The Fed is in control of inflation by printing or not printing money, actually today it is not even tangible paper money, it is digital data bits on computers, the Fed just adds zeros to account and that is money!

It is all a ponzi-scheme and as long as we play along and the game is not called, it continues, but there are real signs that it is coming to a halt, and when it does anyone with investments, and that is almost everyone, is going to get soaked.

We have been conned, but they are desperately looking for scapegoats to blame for this when the collapse comes, don’t be so quick to by the propaganda that will tell you who to blame, because it will be delivered by the same folks that have been playing the game, the same people that created the mess will be out looking to channel anger to their enemies, NOT the real responsible parties.  They are AGAIN looking to use us as pawns.

The solution is to get educated and get educated fast, and in depth.  We can’t be a society that is governed by the people if the people are so gullible and ignorant, WE MUST take responsibility to get educated.  No longer shall we permit this widespread con to be effective.

The chosen fall guys by the actual perpetrators of this massive fraud are the capitalists, the bankers, the rich guys, but in reality the real perpetrators have been setting up this collapse to fundamentally transform the entire system, the anti-capitalists (along with some short sighted greedy capitalist helpers!) actually created this mess, and they want to take over completely following the collapse, we can’t let them!

This is not a failure of capitalism, it is a failure of INTEGRITY, HONESTY, and it is a failure of us citizens to actually be informed and to demand answers.  I know it may seem too complex, too daunting, but if everyone thinks that way and then does nothing we forfeit our power and we allow the few who do pay attention to create these kinds of abuses, we can’t let this happen any longer.  We let ourselves be fooled this time by our collective ignorance, but we can’t let this continue.

Now CNBC reports the worlds reserve bankers buy up gold and precious metals, they know the ponzi-scheme is about to collapse! 


One Response to “The World’s Largest Ponzi-Scheme: the Federal Reserve”

  1. Bill Gross is managing director of the world’s largest bond fund, Pimco, which also is managing the commercial-paper assets for the Federal Reserve. As such, Pimco is in many ways an insider.

    In his January 2009 Investment Outlook, Gross writes that it is not only Madoff who ran a Ponzi scheme, but the entire U.S. economy is a Ponzi-like scheme. He calls it “our Ponzi-style economy”.

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