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So much for Freedom of the press, not if you are covering the VP, Joe “Bite-me” Biden!

Posted by mrfixit on March 28, 2011

If this happened to a member of the press covering Dick Cheney you could bet it would get wall to wall coverage on every media outlet, but I bet this is the first time many have heard this story. 

So what other stories are you missing?!

So a fundraiser for big Democrat Ben Nelson of Florida at the mansion of a very wealthy developer in Central Florida includes confinement of the reporter to a storage closet for most of the event, this to make sure he did not mingle with the radical, controversial guests (I added that, because why else not let the guy mingle?).

This event even got the attention of animators in Taiwan, who said the world did not watch the USA?  Obviously they very much do pay attention even to stories ignored by much of our own media!


Other Reports:




Perhaps the controversy about this US Coast Guard report that details delayed and muddled processing of information about the BP Oil spill might show how this is actually very typical for this administration… So much for the lies about being transparent…



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