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Crazy politicians in the USA!

Posted by mrfixit on March 28, 2011

Former Congresswoman who thinks Gaddaffi is a hero!

And she was replaced by a man who is mentally handicapped, so much so he actually thinks an island can capsize if we station a couple thousand Marines there!


While it is easy to laugh at this, it is actually serious. This tells us that either our elections are now complete fraud, or and more likely that we have pockets of truly ignorant and uninformed citizens that would vote for people like this, and these two are NOT isolated cases.  There is a really nasty couple of guys that come to mind, former Rep. Grayson in FL, and the Rep. out in CA, Stark, or something like that, and then we have the queen of ignorance and stupidity, Nancy Pelosi. 

While the later examples are not seemingly so far on the fringe, they are just as ill-informed, and MORE dangerous.  They all believe in systems of government that destroy the individual rights of citizens and create a tyranny. 

But, who elects these people? – Citizens?  And in that we have our challenge, wake up America, and educate your fellow citizens before it is too late.

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